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Skil Router tables have a long history of evolution, starting with individual woodworkers who fashioned them simply with routers and holes in the table to adjust the dimensions, to the heavily customized versions present day router tables capable of storing, shaping and enhancing precision to a great extent.

Skil has come out with a very compelling version of a router table – Skil RAS900, which is resplendent with amazing features while providing the essential stable platform essential for woodwork. Skil Power Tools introduced a new generation of routers with increased functionality and thus the older versions made way for the RAS900.

The Skil RAS900 router table provides a stable platform for a wide range of crafts and hobby projects. It is designed to be compatible with any Skil 18V power tool or its accessories, as well as other brands that meet the DIN standard (DIN 125).

The Skilsaw router table is designed with a comfortable work surface and slots to store additional Skilsaws 18V batteries. With its durable construction, this benchtop tool provides the stability essential for woodwork projects of any size.

The smart design of this router table has caught the attention of both the professional woodworkers and carpenters as well as the amateur enthusiasts. With very innovative clamping and router mounting options, the RAS900 certainly deserves our attention.

Browse the Skil RAS900 Router Table Owner Manual here:

Skil RAS900 Router table Manual

  • Skil RAS900 Router table Owner Manual (120 pages)

SKIL RAS900 Router Table Features – Why you should buy it

  • Full extension ball bearing slides and a solid steel fence make any operation easy to adjust, with no more need for multiple clamps or hassle.
  • With Skils patented swivel dust port, it has never been easier to add a shop vacuum hose and keep all work surfaces clean.
  • Improved weight support keeps the Skil RAS900 router table from shifting while cutting, even with larger routers like the Skil 3520 2-1/4 HP variable speed fixed base router.
  • A smooth fence raises and lowers easily so common operations can be done quickly.  No tools are required – just pull out on its handle to raise and push the fence back down to lower it.  
  • A Skil router table offers a lifetime of superior quality, value and performance.
  • As a pre-assembled router table, the RAS900 comes equipped with a hefty accessory storage bag with and laminated MDF top. Fence and router bits have adequate space because of the self-contained nature of the 900’s structure.
  • It also comes equipped with a router mount capable of quick-release, that attaches and separates in a matter of seconds. The table is pre-assembled and the amount of setup required after purchase is minimal, apart from being self-explanatory.
  • The RAS900 typically weighs thirty-two pounds. It’s 27.7 inches in length17.7 inches in breadth and 9.2 inches high.
  • The model is available internationally and enjoys widespread popularity.
  • Quick clamp systems and an accessible router mounting platform help immensely in the course of the intricate routing of edges and curved frames.

Design Features Which Make Skil Router Table So Awesome –

One of the key qualities of the RAS900 is the increased routing accuracy. This is because of the two feather-boards present, which help by carefully guiding the piece and achieving a high level of geometric precision.

The other important features are:

  • Presence of a bit height gauge which aids in the subsequent completion of the setup and later ensuring the cuts made have a high degree of accurateness.
  • Routing curved edges become a lot easier since the table comes equipped with a starter pin and guard which helps in providing greater support to the workpiece.

The RAS 900 has assimilated the good features of the previous models and incorporated new ones making the design smart and the execution better and more precise than before.

Smart Design, Lesser Effort: Utilities of the Skil Router Table

The RAS900 has minimum assembly required and this is very little trouble to set up. The fencing and router bits are easily stored in the spacious storage bag which is incorporated with the table. It even has extra accessory storage compartments for users with extra storage needs. The miter gauge, multiple feather boards, guard and starter pin help provide the adequate support as well as increase accuracy while routing bits. After use, the legs can be folded thereby minimizing storage space.

The adjustment of the fences is mutually independent with the requisite shims to counteract the fence on the other side and hence can be used as a surface planer (jointer) as well. One of the other great benefits is that the table is compatible with a great variety of different routers. Skil website provides the entire list of routers with which the table functions. The vertical and horizontal guides which come built-in with the table help a great deal to ensure that the piece is held tightly in place while the user is routing or making cuts.

What does the manufacturer say?

According to Skil: The RAS900 come pre-assembled with an integrated accessory storage bag and a laminated MDF top. The self-contained structure provides storage for necessary parts like the fence and router bits. Included with the RAS900 is a guard, feather board, miter gauge and bit inserts; along with a tall fence with adjustable laminated MDF faces; dual feather boards, a starter pin and guard for support when routing curved work pieces; a bit height gauge for easier bit setup and cutting precision, and additional accessory storage compartments. The RAS900 has a quick-release router mount that attaches and detaches in seconds. An efficient folding design means the table comes pre-assembled with minimal setup needed and legs fold for storage. Stability plus convenience makes this a great router table for any DIYer.


Time: 1 day Difficulty: Easy-Medium Tools needed: Screwdriver, tape measure, level, cordless drill Materials needed : Plywood (five pieces), MDF or particle board (two pieces), screws and misc woodworking tools

Step 1 – Layout & Cut the Parts

This step can be a little tricky, as Skil router tables are very exact to build. You want all dimensions to be correct or the table may not fit together properly.

First, grab your Skil RAS900 manual and layout everything in order of how it appears in the picture above. Skilsaw recommends using 1/2″-thick MDF or particle board for all but the two main pieces which should be 3/4″-thick plywood. Use whichever materials you prefer and have on hand. Some people even used hard wood for these pieces!

(In Skil’s “C” router table template)

Next, trace each part onto its respective material with a pencil after flipping over the plans to make sure you get right and left sides correct. Skil router tables are symmetrical, so you only need one side of each piece (mirror them for the other side).

Starting with the fence top and drill guide pieces (marked C in Skilsaw’s picture), measure and mark across their length and width to get the middle.  With a straight edge, make a line from that point back towards either end. Make sure there is room on both ends for clamps or dogs.

Once complete, place your Skil 3520 fixed-base 2-1/4 HP variable speed router inside its respective opening in the table bottom (F) And draw lines on it where screws will drill into it later on. These holes should be located near the back of the table and also in between the Skil RAS900 mounting holes.

Next, measure (or estimate) how many feet you will be cutting at a time and determine how many pieces of plywood (P) you will need.  The Skil 3520 requires approximately eight inches to cut through even at 10 inches per foot, but that does not mean you cannot use thicker material.  This option allows for more room from your router bit to the Skil RAS900 fence guide bottom edge. You may want to leave a little more clearance depending on what kind of work you plan on doing with this router table setup. Consider taking some scrap pieces and playing around with them to see if one size fits all better than others. My Skil RAS900 router table has 3/4″ thick material and works just fine with the Skil 3520 when cutting through hardwoods or soft, but I like to use thicker MDF for general routing purposes.

Again, if you are not sure how many feet you will be routing at a time (such as in the case of making a T-square piece), make two cuts and keep them together until you know you need more length.  If you end up needing less than one full plywood sheet, save it! It can always be reused for something else later on down the line. Skilsaw recommends gluing all pieces together except from piece F by laying out each piece face down glue each one, piece by piece then clamp them and let dry. Skil router tables also work great for making fences for jigs or other projects later on down the line.

Once all pieces are cut out, you will need to mount Skil RAS900 mounting holes into each of them using Skilsaw’s Skil 3520 variable speed fixed-base router with Skil 3520 template guide.  Just match up the two template guides to the Skil RAS900 table plans and drill away!  Here is a quick picture walkthrough:

Step 2 – Attach Fence Guide Pieces & Drill the Slots

If you have not already done so, attach fence guide pieces 1 (marked E) and 2 (marked F) to the Skil RAS900 router table bottom with Skil 3520 drill guide and Skil 3520 fixed-base router.  Recommended Skil RAS900 fence guide height is 3/4″ which should be marked on each piece of your Skil table, but double check just in case!

As shown in Skilsaw’s picture, three “X’s” represent where you will need to drill holes at 1″, 2″, and 7″ from the top of your Skil table so that they line up with Skil mount holes located on the underside of your fence pieces.  There are eight total Skiras900 mounting holes located underneath each fence piece (four per side).  Using a level as Skilsaw’s Skil RAS900 table plan recommends, line up Skil mounting holes and mark where you will need to drill the Skiras 900 mounting holes.

Once Skilsaw’s Skil 3520 router table has been prepped this way, move on to Skil Table Part 3 for further instructions and pictures!

Are you going to use the SKIL RAS900 Router Table?

A user need not be a professional carpenter in order to appreciate the qualities of the RAS900. For starters, the table has a remarkably easy setup and does not even require half an hour’s time. After mounting the router and understanding how the different parts work, you are good to go. Since the table comes with an innovative quick clamp system with an ingenious design of a mounting bracket and clamp at the base of the table, the router attachment and removal is fairly rudimentary. The router generally needs to be removed every time a new bit is introduced or removed from the table, so the efficiency of the process improves. Subsequently, the router height can be easily adjusted for conveniently handling your woodwork jobs. You will find you take on more tasks easily and we give this router 5 stars.

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Conclusion (Our Reviews On SKIL RAS900 Router Table)

The RAS900 is not just an amalgam of different features. It is smart by design and takes care of even storage and dust collection. The table comes with an integrated power chip which helps to manage the router as well as powering the dust collection after use. The table helps you seamlessly perform various procedures ranging from making channel routes and simple edge molding to making multiple channels and edge routes simultaneously. For its awesome range of features and the efficiency, it lends to woodworking jobs, this table merits the consideration of anyone interested in woodworking.

Skil Ras 900 Router Table Review
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Personally, I have reviewed this product & feel this is an affordable product as well as worth buying it and you can find it here.