Craftsman Router Table – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking for all in one workshop for beginners who love to do small DIY and household works?

Well, there is a powerful tool named as Craftsman Router Table that helps the worker to route an area which is made with a hard material like wood or plastic. Moreover, router tables are entirely used in woodworking, like cabinetry and are typically handheld or fastened the cutting end-up in a router table.

Now, finding the best router table can be a hectic task. However, if you are quite sure about your budget, the work you’re going to do on the Router Table then you must buy a Craftsman Router Table.

Craftsman Combo Router Table 28180 Manual

Craftsman 28180 Router Table Combo Manual

  • Craftsman 28180 Router Table Combo Manual

Today is the day when we have reviewed the Craftsman Router Table including its advantages and disadvantages, features, as well as pricing.


Well, we have collected a bunch of unique features of Craftsman router table available in the market and works quite well in any situation. Just stick back and have a look at the complete review of the best router table that is Craftsman Router Table!

The Craftsman Router Table is an electric powered table that has a  Craftsman 25460 router mounted to it. This Craftsman table can be converted into a bench-top table by removing the fence and mounting the Craftsman Router Table to a surface with its included hardware.

The Craftsman router table is a quality woodworking tool that can be used when you are building furniture or cabinets. This Craftsman router table will cut out different shapes and sizes into your wood easily, giving your project the detail it deserves with little effort on your part.

There are two different models of this Craftsman Router Table: one designed for use with 220V, and another designed for 110V. The Craftsman 25460 comes in two different versions, one for 110V and another for 220 VAC. The Craftsman Router tables were manufactured between the years of 2000-2004 before they were discontinued in 2005.

This Craftsman Router Tables is built like a tank allowing for many years of usage as long as proper maintenance and care is taken during its lifetime. Craftsman has always provided their customers with high quality tools that last, and this Craftsman 25460 is no exception.

The Craftsmen router table cuts shapes such as: circles , slots, dados, feather boards, rabbets, and mortises. There are several accessories that can be purchased for the Craftsman router table such as plunge routers or sub-base attachments which mount above the Craftsman 25460 table. The Craftsman comes with a 20 amp motor that is designed to run at 3500 RPM. This Craftsman Router Table weighs in at about 70 pounds when it’s not mounted to anything.

The Craftsman Router Table has its own stand and base separated into two different pieces of furniture due to how heavy they are.

The Craftsman router table is recommended for someone who wants a good quality woodworking tool but does not have a large budget for purchasing one. The Craftsman 25460 measures in at 40.5 inches long by 20.25 inches deep and 17.375 inches high, and is constructed out of cast iron for strength and stability. Craftsman even has a warranty on this Craftsman Router Table which guarantees the Craftsman Router Tables to any defects that arise within the first year after purchasing it.

The Craftsman router table is not compatible with all routers: make sure you measure your router before purchasing one of these Craftsman tables so that it will fit on top of it properly .

There are several safety precautions that should be taken when using this router table: Stay away from this Craftsman Routers if you do not know what you are doing; always read Craftsman’s instruction manual before attempting to use the Craftsman 25460 Craftsman Router Table. Craftsman also manufactured a Craftsman router table called the Craftsman 25434 for heavy woodworking.

The Craftsman Router Table is made of cast iron has many different features that will help you out with your next project. Craftsman recommends all Craftsmen products to be cleaned and lubricated by Craftsman when purchased, but make sure you refer to Craftsman’s instruction manual first before doing any cleaning or lubrication on your Craftsmans product.

Craftsman Router Table

The Craftsman router, as well as router table combo, is a great choice which offers you with everything you need to get started on wood-working projects. Moreover, the Craftsman Router is an excellent tool which comes with a good-sized table that helps you a lot of adjustable features for precise cutting.

The tabletop of the Craftsman Router Table have working space of 300 square inches, and its surface is laminated to improve its durability. Moreover, this router table also offers you to find a standard dust extraction compartment and a double outlet strip equipped to this combination product.

What Makes Craftsman Router Table Incredibly Good?

We appreciate the fact that Craftsman Router Table in this combo kit comes with permanently lubricated with sealed ball bearings, Apart from this, the router is somewhat underpowered as compared to other router table models.

The fence of the router table lets you adjust so that you can have the proper clearance. Both the indeed as well as outfield can extend approximately 2 inches so that it can support your working piece. Also, the jointing fence of the machine offsets by up to 9/16 of an inch.

Improvements That Can Help Craftsman Router Table!

  • The primary concern of this product is the fence which is made from the high-quality grade plastic instead of metal components.
  • You can also ensure the precision edge. The precision edge can be difficult because whenever you put pressure against the fence until it has well-braced, it will flex.
  • The router table inserts and tabs are entirely made of plastic. That’s the only reason why this router table is not that durable then much other good stuff.

A Complete Solution for Beginners

The Craftsman Router Table is a complete woodworking solution for a beginner. The good thing is it comes with both with a router as well as a router table; however, you need to ensure that they are perfectly easy to use.

Eventually, Craftsman Router Table is designed according to the needs of newbie wood- crafters, but not for doing advanced tasks. Now, to be honest, the majority of the users expressed their feelings in reviews and we have mentioned this. Moreover, if you look at the price, the Craftsman Router Table would probably be fair enough and comes with so many advanced features.

Motor and Speed

Undoubtedly, the Craftsman Router Table is designed for beginners; however, surprisingly it comes with a 1-3/4 HP motor, and that according to me is a bit powerful for the price. This 9.5 amp router has a 1 ¾ HP motor which rotates at 27,000 RPMs so that you can cut through tough wood. It can even cut hickory like wood.

Moreover, with the help of permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings, this table router is something that everyone would love. The Craftsman Router Table probably generate a lot of dust while you trim or sand the wood, now if you want to get rid of the dust extraction port, the Craftsman has a 2 ¼ inch dust compartment that connects to either a wet or dry vacuum for easy cleanup.


1. Offers Bigger Workspace

You have a lot of workspace with the Craftsman Router Table. The reason behind that is it has a thick laminated surface, which provides 334 square inches of space with 11/16 inch thickness.

2. Compact

One of the critical reason why Craftsman Router Table strength is the compact size. With the help of an adjustable fence, the cutting depths of the wood becomes more subtle as well as accurate. Radically, the Craftsman Router Table is an ideal setup for someone who is beginning with wood-working and isn’t sure of all the things they need.

One Stop for All

Now talking about the Craftsman Router Table and router table both come with all in one workshop. It comes up with a wrench, dust guard, two featherboards; there insert rings, Harare as well as a detailed manual.

It’s an ideal setup for someone who is going to start with wood-working and who don’t share all the things that they need.


1. Poor or Weak Construction

The major downside of the Craftsman Router Table is that isn’t made from especially strong materials. The table inserts of the router are made with plastic, and that’s the downfall of the Router Table. Moreover, the router is the most substantial part of this deal, so you can keep that if you need to upgrade to any other Router Table.

Great Buy for the Money!

According to me those who are looking for a professional level table, then Craftsman Router Table does a decent job for them. It’s easy to assemble and convenient to use. The compact design seems to be the best for a lot of people who have just started their wood business.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Q1. Is this compatible with the Craftsman 50429 router table?

Answer. Yes! All the Craftsman Router Table are compatible with all the existing Craftsman routers.

  • Q2. Will this router table works with rigid 2911 model?

Answer. No! We are not at all sure about the Rigid Model 2911 router size and to fit on the table.

  • Q3. What are the dimensions of the table top? Does it come with any bits?

Answer. The Craftsman outer Table and Router Table combo is 23-1/2 wide by 14/18 deep. Moreover, it does not come with any bits.

  • Q4. Can I use this router table tool easily and quickly?

Answer. Well, You can use the Craftsman Router Table with ease. You can do things like trimming, sanding as well cutting can be done quickly and effortlessly.

  • Q5. Can I make my own trim with Craftsman Router Table, and if so is it difficult to have never done it before?

Answer. You might do so. If you have never used a router table before then, this is one of the best hard material tool cutters that I would recommend you the most.

The Final Thoughts

That’s all about the Craftsman router table. Basically, this router table strong focus on the beginners or we can say it’s perfect for noobs and is an incredible choice. Fundamentally, it includes all the necessary features such as an excellent adjustable fence, adjustable cutting depths and lots of workspaces.

For all those who are small DIYers and household professional, this router table is affordable, precise, gives you to make accurate cuts on the wood as hard as hickory.

Is the above guide helpful?

Now if you think that we have forgotten to add any information related to router tables which according to you should be on our list, then do enlighten them in the comment section. Also, if you have any queries or suggestion related to Router Tables then do let us know in the comment section. We’ll be happy to assist you! As a Router Table for beginners, the Craftsman Router Table and Router Table Combo is an incredible choice. Fundamentally, it includes all the necessary features such as an excellent adjustable fence, adjustable cutting depths and lots of workspaces.

Craftsman Router Table
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