Kreg PRS2100 Router Table Review – Everything You Need to Know!

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Router tables are a staple necessity for any woodworker to work with, therefore, it comes as no surprise that a quality precision bench is required for executing accuracy while log trimming. Today, we take a closer look at the Kreg PRS2100 benchtop router table and get a deeper understanding of its features and functions. We will try and explore every bit of the intricate details necessary to let you know if this router table is worth its weight in gold.

* The Kreg Precision PRS2100 router table is designed with a heavy-duty steel construction that weighs around 350 pounds. It’s supported by an adjustable T-slot and the maximum height of the tabletop can be raised to 55 inches.

* A large, integrated cast iron extension wing provides stability and support for bigger workpieces while guaranteeing accuracy when working on long pieces.

* This benchtop router table comes equipped with two -inch solid aluminum extrusions mounted into its frame which allow it to securely hold any size router up to 12 amps in weight without compromising precision or efficiency levels .

Plus, there are four mounting holes where you can mount your own custom jigs as well as storage slots for all your tools and accessories.

The tabletop is constructed of MDF wood composite that will make your projects much more enjoyable to work on.

For your convenience, the PRS2100 is also equipped with a depth stop and an adjustable fence for making cross cutting easier as well as a T-slot miter gauge slot that will help you cut miters at precise angles without any trouble.

The PRS2100 benchtop router table has been designed to take up minimal space in your workshop which makes it perfect for small spaces or if you have limited storage capabilities.

Plus, there is no assembly required so all you need to do is unpack and start routing!

Breakdown of Key Components:

Before proceeding to assess the router table, let us first unpack and examine the contents that the comes with:

  • Bottom-up levelers that feature 8 individual contact points for accuracy
  • Tabletop measuring 16 inches
  • Complete impact resistant microdot skin
  • Aluminum Fence provided that allows the table to serve as a vertical jointer
  • Aluminum fence with independent sliding
  • Router plates with Level-Loc reducing rings
  • Vacuum shroud for a tidy workstation
  • Reinforced and noise absorbing MDF top
  • Steel stand comes with rubber feet
  • Vibration dampening
  • Slide workpieces across with ease
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Slide micro dot skin
  • Full size router insert
  • Cam clamps

Kreg PRS2100: The Industrial workstation

The Kreg PRS2100 bench top router table comes with a good metal base. The smooth top complements the metallic base well, the table itself can comfortably hold a 15-amp router with absolutely no problems. The package also comes with router insert plates to provide optimum hold for your routers that are to be installed.

Rigid and Mobile-friendly Fence

The Aluminum fence provided with the Kreg PRS2100 bench top comes attached with a dust collector and guard. The fence itself can be locked down into place with thumb twisting screws located at the back of the unit. The fence can be slid into position and provides a rather smooth glide. The unit comes with rods that have a joiner in place.

Overall the fence is easily adjustable in place and provides a woodworker with great control. The fence comes with convenient clamps to toggle the lock in and release, this feature comes as a welcome attraction.

Router Insert Plates Usage

The PRS2100 comes with 3 individual Level-Loc rings which are convenient to use. They can be retrofitted into any router that the user desires and this is a standout feature to any wood craftsman, saving them precious amounts of time. To fit the router, first plugin the required ring, next proceed to twist and lock the rings in place to ensure the router is locked firmly in place.

You can also purchase different rings to utilize with the router plates if desired.

Safety while Installing the Kreg PRS2100

Before replacing any rings, it’s advisable that the user switches off power completely from the power points to avoid workstation hazards. Safety glasses are a must while working with this unit and good hearing protection is mandatory. Touching the table while the device is plugged in can cause electric discharges that can severely injure a person. The installation time takes less than an hour to someone that is moderately familiar with router tables.

Is PRS2100 powerful enough?

The stand being made out of solid steel provides great support while the rubber feet enables the table to stay in place and remain vibration free. This enables a woodworker to achieve high levels of accuracy while working on the table. Another feature that shines out is the fact that the router mounting plate has laser engraved markers allowing for user-friendly placements if you are clueless about installing the unit.

It comes with a spacious MDF top

Upon first looking at the PRS2100, it’s evident that the table top offers its users a majority of free space to work with. Whether it is trimming wood logs, sand application, or chopping wood, the large unit offers 16” by 24” of space to occupy. The reinforced and noise absorbing MDF top surface is completely vibration-resistant due to the steel stand with vibration dampening.

Things about PRS2100 that could be better..

While the Kreg PRS2100 bench top router features promise and quality, there are a few faults that can prove to be minor hurdles for the otherwise exceptional router table:

  • Although the rest of the table is made out of steel, the fence has a minor flaw in the form of plastic flip-down tabs, this may or may not be a letdown for many woodworkers.
  • Another aspect of the unit that can be quite tricky to handle is the fact that you have to tighten the screws on the fence to keep the unit nice and tight.

These are mostly minor inconveniences rather than glaring issues, the unit itself is a great functional workbench router table to use.

Does it make a lot of Noise?

Most folks that wish to purchase a router table fear the noise pollution that a particular unit brings to their workshop; this could be due to many issues such as having an enclosed cabinet within a particular model or just plain bad engineering.

For your consideration, the good folks at Kreg router table have provided an open area for the router to be installed and this can greatly reduce the overall sound discharge to a smaller degree. This proves to be advantageous to the users by allowing them to work at their convenience without having to worry about waking up the neighbors.

Marketed for commercial and residential purposes

We feel strongly that the PRS2100 would look great in your home just as it would look splendid in your factory or workshop. The reason we consider this unit for businesses is due to the engineering used in creating this model, the sturdy steel foundation provides for long-lasting durability while the surface provides impact-resistance against even through rouhg use.

Are there better options available in the market?

Financially speaking, router tables at this range group don’t offer all the features mentioned above such as steel foundation, rubber feet, easy-to-use fence options, vibration and noise-free, etc. If you are in the market looking for a serious purchase that you expect to last you for a long time, then PRS2100 is the product for you. Budget options are available but not recommended due to poor quality. For the latest prices and discounts for the Kreg PRS2100 bench top router table, check the precision benchtop on Amazon via the blue links for a detailed listing.

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The Final Verdict

While the PRS2100 stands out among the rest of its competitors, it’s not without areas of concern, being a critically harsh thing to point out, the few negative points listed above are hardly significant in the long run. A woodworker would expect the machine to be absolutely still while they work on it.

It’s for this very reason that the PRS2100 gets full marks for its brilliant design, spacious surface, and decent Aluminium fence.