Ten Fab Things for a Weekend Woodworker To Build That You Need to Know

Last Updated on August 30, 2022 by James

You’ve already finished a few woodworking projects over the past few weekends since you bought your own router table. Maybe you wanted to work on a few table legs that had broken, or even the wooden plate with your house number for the house, or a few names on a wooden piece that your wife asked you to make for someone’s birthday. So, now what? Should you spend hours watching walk through videos with Steve Ramsey or scanning Youtube video ideas for inspiration?

Well, here we have a few ideas that could inspire you all over again to camp out in your workshop for a few days, maybe even get away from the nagging family and all. Perfect for a Weekend Woodworker to enjoy. Here is our curated list:

10 Fab Things You Can Build With Your Router Table

#1. Cup Holder for your Sofa/chair

Hearing too much about the stains on the sofa due to your coffee cup? Here’s a solution. All you need are the measurements of your sofa or chair’s armrest, and you’ll simply be making a small table like a contraption you can place onto this armrest. No more stains and your arm can rest on a flatter surface.

#2. Wooden iPad Dock

You could build a wooden plate with a cut narrow and lean enough to hold your iPad, without you having to hold on to it as you work, watch a show, or even simply listen to music. You can forget the days of trying to understand your computer, make the most of your iPad.

#3. Plantation Window Shutters

Similar to a louvered door, this window would have enough space, angled such that air can flow easily enough, while the light stays out. Keeping your privacy, only to selectively let the air enter, this is a great option for renewing a few things around the house.

#4. Wine Bottle holder

Why keep your wine bottles in your basement alone, without any appreciation showered unto them? Creating a wooden plank with circular holes large enough to hold the neck of the wine bottle, can be displayed in the house itself as well.

#5. Simple Boxes

To hold your woodworking tools, or even to hold a few of your wife’s kitchen appliances, boxes are necessary applications for every woodworker. You could even build your kid a toy box, big enough for all his toys to be arranged into.

#6. A Classic wooden toolbox

Get your carpentry side out and make a classic toolbox for yourself. It’s also the perfect storage space for all your necessary equipment, i.e. screwdriver set.

#7. Wooden Cutting board

This might just win you some points with your wife. If you’re a cook yourself, you understand the importance of a smooth cutting board, with your vegetables and fruits being cut to precision. You could design it however you want as well, rounded edges, a flowery edge or even the classic cut.

#8. Three-shelf display

You like showing your kids prizes at sports, academics, or even just your familial portraits like your wedding picture, or your kid’s first birthday? Showing off your woodworking skills at the same time, you can make a shelved display to be attached to your living room, or bedroom wall for all of these mementos.

#9. Jewelry box

Your wedding anniversary coming up soon? A jewelry box you made yourself will be appreciated so much more by your wife than a simple gift you bought off a store. And why keep buying her the same everyday gift for such a special occasion? She might just love something new.

#10. Tiered Plant boxes

If you’ve been born with a green thumb, or simply a love for gardening, bring in your router table to help out. A tiered plant box would look exceptionally decorative in your garden, with different plants being arranged on different tiers of the box.

Conclusion :

To conclude, don’t just leave your router table to waste away in your wood shop. There are multiple other options for you to build up that won’t take away too much or too less of your time and efforts.

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