Best Drill Press 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Are you planning to buy the best drill press to add to your tools collection? Drill presses are very handy and easy to use. Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, or a woodworker, this is something that everyone would require to complete their tasks. You would need something handy and easy to carry to the construction site.

Drill presses are used to drill materials such a wood, plastic, and even steel. They do not require any manual handling. Hence, the effort required is pretty negligible. These run on power and produce very accurate results. Drill presses are perfect for carpenters and contractors. The drill press is available in different forms by its usage and needs. Some drills stand on a bench press. These are small and easy to move around. As a result, they are an excellent choice for artisans and even DIY lovers.

Some other kind includes the stationary model which has been designed for professional use. These are great in dimensions and helps to provide high precision and power. Another common one is the magnetic drill machine. While the structure is enormous compared to the mini ones, but this one is highly efficient for drilling on any kind of metal surfaces. The radial drill, as the name suggests, is a horizontal kind of device which is helpful when it comes to change the distance between the mandrel and the column. These designs are basically for professional and industrial uses.

Best Drill Press 2020

There are various models of drill press available in the market. While some are small in size and are ideal for home workshops, others are purely for professional use. Moreover, there are other factors such as your budget, the kind of projects that you handle, which will help determine the best suitable product for you. Each product has some pros and cons which can be compared to decide which is the best one.

1. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Amongst a wide range of available drill presses in the market, this product completely stands out due to its self-proclaimed efficiency and impeccable stamina. This is why it bags the topmost position on the buyer’s wishlist.

This device is packed with unique and advanced features that are more likely to be found in industrial level drill presses. Constructed with durable cast iron, this drill press is powerful enough to drill through metal, wood, or any other material. Its variable speed allows you to target in the exact RPM i.e., from 580 to 3200 with just a turn of the lever.

Moreover, it also possesses a digital LED readout that displays the current speed. The fierce induction motor consists of ball bearings for extended life and steady performance. Its 5/8 inch chuck with MT2 spindle taper is meant for enhanced versatility with lots of bits and features on-board chuck key storage. Besides all these, its bevelling worktable bevels 45 degrees left and right for performing hectic operations consistently at perfect right angles

It features enhanced X-pattern laser locks that eventually locks onto the targeted drill point for precise drilling without causing any damage to the expensive material. Its depth adjustment gauge help to restrict spindle travel for accurate drilling operations. The onboard work light brightens up the workpiece for better visibility and ease at work. It also bears a table roller extension for extending the table roller for up to 17 inches of support.

It carries a good weight of 89 pounds and dimensions 13.5 * 36.6 * 16.8 inches. The voltage capacity is 120 volts. Overall, it has quite impressive vital features that assure no looking back once you take a glance at it.


  • Premium quality.
  • High rated product
  • Two years warranty,90-days commercial.


  • Only a single color option available.

2. WEN 4208 8 inch 5-Speed Drill Press

Being a similar product from the same brand, this drill press turns out to be the second most preferred product among buyers. It has a slight variation in capacities as compared to its other counterpart.

It is compact and powerful enough to drill through any kind of material, be it metal, wood, plastics, or any other item. This drill press is capable of drilling holes up to ½ inch in heavy-duty cast iron. Also, it has a fierce induction motor that features a ball bearing construction for extended life. This provides a buttery performance even at higher speeds.

It bears depth adjustment knobs along with locking facility to restrict your spindle travel for smooth and enhanced drilling operations. Also, its ½ inch JT33 chuck provides versatile performance with a variety of bits, whereas the workable beveling angles up to 45 degrees left and right.

This drill press includes a cast iron head, a table, and a base and is constructed upon a rigid frame; all of these ensure smooth and convenient drilling operation every time. The base consists of predrilled holes for mounting onto a bench or work stand. The product weighs 31 pounds, which is comparatively lighter and a dimension of 7.5*22.9*11 inches. This is an overall potential product to buy on.


  • Good quality.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Affordable price.


  • Slightly less in capability.

3. WEN 4210T 10 Inch Drill Press with Laser

This is another popular drill press from the same brand and is a benchmark in itself. This too powers through metal, wood, plastics, and lots more. This press allows a five-fold change in speed to target the exact RPM. Also, the rigid frame construction of cast iron provides enhanced reliability.

The ½ inch chuck with JT33 spindle taper to promote ease with a variety of bits. Just like the other models, this WEN drill press also includes a worktable that bevels 45 degrees left and right for hectic operations that require accurate angled holes. The X-patterned laser light helps to spot the exact location that the bit would travel through, for optimum precision level while the drilling activity is on. It also spares the valuables from being destroyed.

The drill press comes with depth adjustment gauge to limit the spindle travel for regular drilling operations. And finally, it also exhibits an onboard work light that brightens up the workpiece for better visibility and consequent ease of work. This product is available for a weight of 51 pounds and 21.4 * 14.5 * 9.5 inches dimensions. Thus this product delivers the best outputs.


  • Affordable price.
  • Superior quality.
  • Increased efficiency.


  • Often not shipped to all locations.

4. Dremel Drill Press Rotary Tool Dremel tool comes with a tool handler which can help one fix the device at an angle of 90 degrees on the desk for various tasks. That can help in polishing. The drill press is very accurate and provides beautiful results. It is possible to make angled holes even up to 90 degrees in a horizontal direction.

The tool is very suitable for all kinds of hobby-related jobs and even DIY works. Even for simple fixtures or works around the house, this product can be easily used. It can also hold tools to 90-degree horizontals for various tasks apart from just drilling. The flexible shaft tool stand allows telescopic adjustments possible to any height between 16 to 29 inches. The base is made of 4 metal attached with clamping points to help it keep in place.


  • It provides accurate drilling.
  • It has a sturdy metal base.
  • It is partly assembled.


  • The price is high compared to the quality level.

5. SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

Skil is one of the best options for woodworkers. The product is available at a budget-friendly price. The 10-inch swing drill press has a straightforward design. Yet, it is very efficient for its purpose. One can easily do all kinds of work with this.

There is no reason to look for a better drill press as this one is capable of handling all types of projects. Even high-end drill presses won’t be a good comparison to this. It has a power of 12o Volt.

There are five options for speed levels. It comes with a beam laser system, which helps to work precisely on the hole arrangements. The speed capacity of the machine is around 750 to 3050 rotations per minute. Because of the cast iron base, the product is very stable. The ½ inch key helps to drill in 20 mm in wood and 8 mm in steel. The adjustable stop helps to drill again and again and even adjust the depth of the drilling as per the requirement.


  • Speed of rotation is very high
  • The inbuilt laser helps in precise measurements.
  • It comes with a three years warranty period.


  • It does not have any replacement parts.

6. Ryobi DP103L 10 in. Drill Press

The induction motor is good enough for high-end professional works. It helps to provide more extended durability. It comes with five selections for speed that can be used for various drilling applications. The speed levels range from 570 to 2800 RPM. The wide range of drilling speed makes the process of drilling much more comfortable. It would be simpler to work on various projects.

The machine is very stable because of its base, which is made of cast steel. The table height can be adjusted as per the requirement. It is possible to tilt the device from various angles as per the user requirements. The drill press can rotate around 360 degrees. The laser alignment helps to align the system accurately for even better precision. Several attachments are available for versatility.


  • The price is affordable.
  • The structure is excellent and robust.
  • The motor is of heavy-duty.


  • Not suitable for big industrial projects.

7. Mini Electric Bench Drill Press

This compact drill press is great for professional use. It is cost-friendly and is suitable for all kinds of professional works. This powerful drill makes it easy to drill holes and has high stability power though it is not as good as the Wen products but good enough to be used for usual DIY projects.

The tool is multi-functional and has a motor power of 480 watts. The line laser alignment system makes this model the best choice for drawing holes with perfect precision. It is possible to drill around 8 mm on steel, and it can drill about 25 mm of wood. The availability of 5 different levels of speed adjustment level makes it easy to work.


  • It is easily portable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is well designed.


  • Suitable only for simple projects.

8. SE 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench – 97511MDP

This bench tool is perfect for small tasks at home. Be it a DIY project or some fixtures to be done here and there. This is great for woodworkers and hobbyists. It has three options for the variable speed system.

The drilling process is very smooth. The maximum drilling capacity is 6 mm. The maximum drilling height is around 7 inches to ½ inches. It comes with three different variable speeds between 5000, 6000, and 8000 for every minute. It has three different wrenches and a 6 mm key to help drill.


  • Drilling power is high
  • It has a half year warranty
  • It is easy to set up and use.


  • It is ideal for easy and simple tasks.

9. 550W 9 Speed Electric Drill Press Workbench

The drill press is an attractive choice for buyers. It is an excellent tool for DIY enthusiasts and even professionals. It is quite cost-friendly as it is under 300 USD. It is possible to adjust the height of the drill machine using the adjustable gear handle. So you can adjust the height as per your requirement. It is made of plastic and iron. It can achieve exact drilling. The drill speed can be adjusted from 480 to 3000 RPM to help drill different materials such as plastic, wood, and metal.

The powerful 550 W motor makes drilling smooth and more comfortable. The results obtained are very accurate and precise. The tools are made of suitable materials that are completely non-toxic and has high durability. Thus, you can use it for a more extended period without having to worry.


  • It has a 550 Watt powerful motor.
  • Nine different speed levels are available.
  • The height can be adjusted as per the user’s need.


  • A part of the material is made up of plastic.

10 TruePower Precision Mini Drill Press

The real power precision mini drill press is portable. One can easily carry it to workshops or move around. It is compact and quite small in size compared to other drill presses. If you are planning to make ultra-precise holes, then this tool can be an excellent option for your work.

It has a three choice speed system. The rotation speed is till 5000, 6500, and 8500 RPM. The output of the model should be around 110 voltage.

The best thing about this driller is its accurate precision. It can drill the perfect holes again and again, without any faults or errors. Available at a pocket-friendly price, this can be an ideal companion for DIY lovers and even professional workers. Whether you are working with wood, plastic, or steel, this is suitable for all kinds of drilling works.


  • It is very light in weight.
  • The precision power is high, and the price is low.
  • Three variable speed control is available.


  • The guide provided with the product is not very helpful.

Buyers Guide

A drill press is an ideal tool fixed on a strong base. All drill presses are not portable except for a few. Ideal for drilling, it comes with a tray kind of material that can be moved into more substantial models. It helps to facilitate the overall drilling process. The portion of the content which is to be drilled is placed on top of the plate. It comes with a lever as well so that you can efficiently perform the task. It is possible to make adjustments and then drill a hole on the material as per requirement.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Drill Press

Drilling depth – The capacity of the spindle, which is used to lower the mandrel determines the bottom and the width of the hole, which is to be made. The length of the drill also helps to determine the diameter of the shaft, which is to be made.

  • Mandrel – The diameter of the drill helps to determine the capacity of the mandrel. Also, this is to make sure that the mandrel is fixed to the spindle with the help of the cone and cannot be changed.
  • Speed – The speed of the drilling process is due to the movement os the belt on the pulleys. However, if there is an option, then one should choose tools with variable speed drives. That would even make the overall process efficiency. The fast and precise speed set up helps to provide better results.
  • Power of the drill press – At times, the drilling depends on which material it is being used. In case it is a normal drilling process on wood, then it is much easier to do the procedure. However, if the material is durable enough, then one has to increase the power to cope up with the desired results.
  • Settings of the drill press – The base of the drill press, the materials being used, the handle which is available to screw or unscrew the drill press is what matters. These little things should be taken care of before deciding to purchase.


A drill press comes with a lot of attachments and even little things to know about. One has to know about the benefits of each of these attachments before making the right choice. Our review guide will help you decide which one can be your perfect fit based on your projects.

Compared to many other kinds of conventional drilling machines, the drill press produces precise results and distinct drilling work. A drill press must also be stored safely. That would help increase the longevity of the product. We hope the reviews and the guide will be of great help to you. We hope you can now choose the best drill press from the options that we have presented here.