How To Use A Router Table – A Quick Tour of Router Table Techniques

Last Updated on May 19, 2021 by James

If you want to make your routing task a smooth one and ensure that your work becomes easier and convenient for you, then you should consider using a router table. Knowing how to use a router table at its best adds versatility to your task. However you need to ensure that the router table you are using is of high quality, irrespective of whether you use it at home or in your workshop. If you already have one of the best router tables with you, we will give you some useful tips in this article on how to use a router table in the right way that will help you with your tools in your work.

How To Ensure You Get The Best Router Table?

If you want to buy the best router table in the market today you need to understand what makes a high quality router table different from the others. To begin with, a router table is built in such a way that it can accommodate a router in it in an inverted position. A part of the router protrudes through the hole on the table surface. You can do a number of routing task over it, which will require you to handle them with precision and accuracy. Here are a few important features to keep in mind if you want to learn how to use a router table in the right way:

  • This is a reason why the most important feature to consider in a good router table is the stability in their construction and the overall durability.
  • The best router table will hold different types of routers in it in such a way that it is compatible with the tool.
  • Another important feature to consider is a secure and adjustable protective fence, a miter gauge, and a bit guard – all of which provide you with convenience, safety and versatility in your work.
  • The dust collection port in your router table, which is connected to a vacuum cleaner should be of good quality so that your work area remains mess free and neat.

Advantages Of Using A Router Table

If you are someone who has used handheld wood router as well as a router which is fixed to the router table, you will realise there is a world of difference between the two. Irrespective of whether you are a DIYer or a craftsman, one thing that you can be assured of is that the main advantage of using a router table is that it will keep your hands from straining easily, something that you will experience when you use a router manually. Hence ensuring that you are using the best router table will bring in more productivity to your work and you can work for longer hours. The best router tables in the market today will have the following advantages to it:

Precision and speed in cutting:

When you do cutting with a handheld router, the precision of your work will depend entirely on your knowledge, experience and skill. On the other hand, a router table will ensure that when you do cutting it is done with precision and accuracy. It comes with a fixed bit which prevents the workpiece from shifting or moving much when you pass it along the bit. When you experience such cutting precision it is only obvious that your work will be completed faster and you will be able to consistently make accurate cuts.

Accurate cuts and inlay work:

The use of a manual model is mostly for the purpose of cutting straight lines and making some geometric patterns. But if you have the best router table you can make and cut complex patterns even over an irregular workpiece. This way you can maneuver the wood as you like. Having a router table is not only for the purpose of cutting along the edges but you can also make intricate inlay work, something that you will not be able to do when using a handheld router model because of its lack of stability and precision.

Make deeper cuts:

As mentioned above, if you want to make consistent cuts with depth using a manual router then it will solely be depended on your woodworking skills. In case you are a beginner, it could be a real challenge for you to make precise cuts or even modify the depth of your cuts.

How To Setup A Router Table

If you want efficiency in your cutting on a day to day basis and you want to get the best results from your router table, you need to also know how to setup the device in the right way and also make the necessary adjustments where required. You need to ensure that you have correctly installed the router table which will provide you with safety when you are operating over the router table. To make sure that you know how to use a router table in the right way, you need to firstly ensure that you know how to setup the router table well:

  1. If you are using a benchtop model of a router table with an extension wing which is attached to the table saw, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the base is stable for your router table so that there is not much shifting or movement when you are operating over it.
  2. Always make sure that the mains are connected to a workable power switch and there is due power connection so that it is operable and you can turn on or switch off the tool whenever the need be.
  3. Also make sure that the insert table which holds the router tool is attached in the right way and it sits well with the surface of the router table.
  4. The fence of the router table should be securely fenced and ensure that it does not wobble. It should sit perfectly aligned so that it can guide the workpiece in the right order to help you make accurate and precise cuts, just like the way you expect.

How To Use A Router Table In The Right Way: Tips and Techniques

If you thought using a router table in the right way was a difficult task, you need to go through these tips once. Irrespective of whether you are a skilled DIYer or a beginner at woodworking, you will get a hang of it once you start using it for sometime, and it is not really a difficult task. Herein we share with you some useful tips on how to use a router table in the right way:

Processing Different Workpieces:

Handheld routers are not ideal for long, small or narrow workpieces while on the other hand, a router table will help you keep your hands free of holding and maneuvering, and you can easily make moulds, profile edging, and trimming.

Pattern Work:

With the help of a router table, you can easily trim the edges of a workpiece irrespective of whether you choose to make a flat surface, a smooth surface or make contoured patterns and templates. You can also clean up the edges and form round tops or cut any curved part with perfection and convenience.

Cutting Grooves and Slots:

Making any sort of groove, slot, tenon, mortise, dado or rabbet might seem like a complex woodwork task but not when you know you have the one of the best router table in the market and you also know how to use it well. You can make all sorts of cuts at the most basic level as well as at a complex level.

Dovetail Joints:

This is a type of joint that is mostly used in making furniture and for carpentry purpose. It is considered complicated and requires intricate details which can be done with convenience using a special tool called dovetail jig. However with a good router table, you will not have to buy a separate dovetail jig. You can make dovetail joints in different sizes and configurations with the help of a router table.


Now that you know how to use a router table, you need to ensure that you have to yourself the ideal and best router table in the market that is convenient as well as easy to use for yourself. The things you can do for your woodworking projects are endless and the kind of skills and knowledge you can gain are also endless. So in case you are into woodworking, having the best router table will no doubt give you convenience at your work and also help to keep your workspace mess-free.