Best Router Bits 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Choosing the best router bits for your project can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, and you want to make sure that the bit is durable enough for your needs. To help you with this decision, we’ve compiled a list of four important things to keep in mind when choosing router bits: durability, speed, price, and what type of work you plan on doing. Keep them in mind as we go through each one below!

The best router bits are those that will meet all of your needs while still fitting within your budget.

Durability is important when picking router bits because if they don’t last, you’ll have to replace them. The best way to find durable router bits is by reading reviews and asking contractors what type of bit has lasted the longest for their projects. When it comes to durability, there are two types that we recommend: carbide-tipped or solid carbide – these will typically hold up over time compared with other varieties.

The speed at which your router works can vary depending on its power source as well as how fast the bit moves through material. For example, some routers use a variable-speed motor while others offer both fixed speeds like 16000 rpm (revolutions per minute) or 19200 rpm. This means that the faster routers will have the best cuts and more versatility but they will also use up your power supply faster.

The type of bit you’re using will affect how fast it moves through your material, so choose one that’s appropriate for what you want to do – if you need a lot of detail or are cutting in tight spaces then look at bits made from carbide-tipped materials like HSS (high speed steel). These types of bits can offer a higher level of accuracy when working on small projects as well.

If you’re just looking for new router tips, then try solid carbides which provide better wear resistance than metal tipped versions. You should always opt for fixed rather than variable speeds because these tools often require less energy input and have a longer lifespan.

When it comes to router bits, the best way to choose is by considering what type of material you’re planning on working with and how much detail needs to be cut out or if there are tight spaces that need a lot of accuracy – then consider your desired tool speed too because this will affect how quickly they work through your project. Fixed speeds can offer better wear resistance than variable ones. You should also always opt for carbide tipped tips over metal as these provide more accurate results when cutting in tight spaces and high levels of durability against abrasive materials like MDF (medium density fiberboard).

It’s important to know which types of bit are best suited for your application so read up before you buy one! Click the blue links below for the best prices on Amazon.

Best Router Bits 2020

1. MLCS 8377 Router Bit Set

Amazon’s Choice: Great value for money! What we love about the product here is that the number of pieces included is higher than some other products that we have on the list.

Here are the best router bits ranked, in order:

Great value for money, the bits that are present in the sets are made with very high-quality standards. The carbide tip construction that is used by the sets makes it pretty durable as well. When it comes to the vibrations of the bits, the starter bits have got ½ inch shanks which will make sure that the tear outs don’t happen during the use.

However, one thing might bother you in here is that they don’t necessarily last that long. You will also get a wooden set that provides proper storage as well.Pros

  • There are about 15 pieces of router bits in the set which is quite a high number when compared to some others on the list.
  • The wooden storage box is pretty classy and provides storage options for the pieces.
  • The set is pretty cheap and can be afforded by anyone.
  • The carbide tips used for the construction make it very durable and long-lasting.


  • This product leaves dust after use

2. MLCS 8369 30-piece ½” Bit Set

These are basically the sets that come with the above-mentioned product that we have. However, the only difference between these products and the above-mentioned sets is the number of pieces that are provided in the set.

This set that we have in here contains about 30 pieces in total which is probably one of the highest numbers of pieces that we have on the list for any router bits.

Apart from that, this option can be a great one for people who are looking for more bits than the set with 15 pieces. With an addition of a few extra bucks, you will be able to select these ones for your woodworks.

When it comes to the profiling of the bits that are found here, there are many different types such as straight, chamfering, ogee, dovetail, roundover and so much more. Choose the ones that you like the best as the options don’t come to an end.Pros

  • Quality product at an excellent price range.
  • Various options to choose from when compared to the other products.
  • 6 roundovers, 5 straight bits that are very common.
  • Wooden box provided for storage.


  • It has weaker blades & durability issues.

3. Freud 91-100 Router Bit Set

There is no doubt about the fact that Freud is a very famous brand for producing router bits and the 91-100 models prove the points that we are trying. The router bits shanks are ½ inches thick which provides more durability to the products.

Although the price can be a bit much, the features more than makeup for it. There are about 13 bits present in the set and all of these are made with titanium and carbide tip and that is a very high-quality material. The tri-blazing quality that it has is commendable and anti-kickback design increases the efficiency of the tool.

These bits that we have in here are fully computer balances and the operation is free from any chatter or vibration, even when you are using it at higher levels of speed. Every single on the bits in the set have a proper shear angle that is high which means that the tear outs are gonna be very few.

Also, the chatter marks are reduced due to this facility. One thing that you might not like about the set is that it doesn’t really have all the bits that are required to make a proper router bit sets. However, the pieces that are included in the set are all pretty common and you can make proper use of it.Pros

  • The titanium carbide tips that are used in the set are pretty durable and long-lasting.
  • The shadow box provided for storage is a very unique one.
  • There are many materials that this set of router bits would be able to cut.
  • Chatter and vibration-free operation is guaranteed because the bits are computer balancedfor sure.
  • The shear angle is pretty high which minimizes the chatter marks.


  • None

4. Neiko 10115A 80-piece set

Although the number of router bits and pieces that you will find in here is probably higher than the other options that we have on the list, the quality can be a little disappointing for sure. However, this set of router bits can be considered as the best one for the people who are consistently looking forward to increasing the router capability range.

Also, if you have a wish to just experiment with the unique and new profiles of the router bits, then this is the choice for you because there are many different router bits that you will find in here.

The price of the product is not that high as well, considering that you will get many router bits in just a single set. Due to the machine-quality YG8 tungsten used in the construction of these router bits along with the best quality carbide tips, the blades are pretty easy to heat and they will last longer than the other products that we have in here.

You will not really have to sharpen these bits most of the times as well. However, one of the most important reasons why people like this kit is because of the large number of items that they get in here. This can be a perfect choice for someone who wants to increase the routing capabilities.


  • There are about 80 different router bits that have got different profiles for people to choose.
  • The price of the router bits set is not that high and can be afforded by anyone.
  • The aluminum storage box provided will be able to house these router bits easily.
  • There are many different sizes of bearings with variable diameters.


  • None

5. CMT 800.505.11 Router Bit Set

This is a 13-piece set which is created by CMT and is probably the most expensive option that we have on the list. There are many profiles of router bits available in the set and they all have different applications which make it a top-quality item for sure.

The bits that we have with this CMT product come along with cutting edges that are made with high-quality, high-density carbide. This will make sure that performance that you have from this amazing router bit set is long- lasting and durable.

Apart from that, the bits will also remain sharp and workable for a very long period of time. There are some anti-kickback designs used in some of the bits and that ensures that these bits will be very comfortable and easy to use.

You will also get a bearing for the other options which will make the job even easier. Just like the MLCS set that we have in here, these options also come along with high-durable and unique hardwood storage box which makes it pretty easy to keep the bits in an organized manner.


  • The chrome blade tips that are in the router bits have a very high density and hence are pretty durable.
  • There is an anti-kickback design for most of the bits that make them pretty safe for working.
  • The bearing present on the bits make it very easy to do the template tasks.
  • There is a highly durable and unique quality hardwood case for storage purposes.


  • It is conventional & high in price.

6. Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

Amazon’s Choice: You won’t be able to find a set of 15 pieces of router tips that is as cheap as this option that we have for you in here.

So, there is no doubt about the fact that you will have a great pick for the value of money that you are getting. You will be able to find all the essential pieces and bits that you might need for the routing tasks that you have.

You will also get the ¼ inch shank and it will work evenly with every single type of router in here. Each and every single one of the router bits in the sets is balanced with the help of machines and have a YG8 tungsten carbide blades. This means that no matter what the type of the wood is, the cuts provided would be pretty sharp and smooth.

Apart from that, another one of the best things in the set is the hardened and solid construction of steel alloy that is used for the bits. This quality makes the bits more long-lasting and durable as well. You will also get a proper bearing roller that is enclosed in the package and it helps in making the routing aligned and smooth.

With the router bits set, you will also get an index case which is made of wood. Storing the bits and organizing them will not be a problem when you have this storage box with you.Pros

  • One of the best things is the precisely designed carbide blades made with YG8 Tungsten provides more sharp cuts.
  • The overall construction of the bits is with alloy steel which makes it very much durable and long-lasting.
  • The ¼ inch shanks that you get are pretty easy to fit in all the routers no matter which one you use.
  • The bit set is pretty affordable by anyone on a budget.
  • There is a sturdy wooden case provided for safe storage.


  • None

7. Yonico 17702 70 Bits Set

Yonico one of the most famous brands, when it comes to best router bits set. Yonico is especially renowned for making tools for beginners at competitive prices. If we look at the properties value of this product, then obviously it seems heavier and carries around 13 pounds of weight. You would love to know that It is made up of carbide type material and that too along with yellow colour striking.

According to the reports and properties of this product, there are almost 70 router bits included with this product and also meeting the standard list of the customers. You don’t have to be worried about the shipping damages, and all as the product itself comes with a sturdy wooden case to prevent any damages to router bits.

The thing I liked the most about this product is the measurement system. Which is included and that too along with the shank size of ½. Additionally, it has sharp cutting edges. This is the perfect start for the beginner. The anti-kickback design helps the router bit to keep it safe while working on the woods. However, there is only one downside of this product and which is the durability, and also, you cannot use it on harder wood stuff. Apart from these, It comes with a lifetime warranty option and probably can be the best deal for the beginners.Pros

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Best product and router bits for the beginners.
  • It comes with sharp cutting edges.
  • It comes with strong packing case.
  • You can choose from the large bit collection.


  • There are some durability issues.
  • The packaging is not so good.

8. Whiteside Router Bits 401

The other one in our list is Whiteside Router Bits 401. It is another best product and tool for beginners, and it comes with seven bits with 1/2 inch in a sturdy case. The bits are expertly crafted, and it is to provide a better and excellent balance when using an RPM.

Do you know why this product is the best? It is because the bits are suitable and handheld for most of the new customers and beginners and also it comes with 1/2 inch shank, which is more durable compared to 1/4 inch shank. You will find these bits the cove bit, rounding-over bit, rabbeting bit, 45-degree chamfer bit, straight double flute bit, flush-trim bit, and a 1/4-inch straight bit in the packaging.

What did I like the most about this product? First, the bits are manufactured by one of the famous companies Freud. Second, most of the professionals prefer to use Whiteside router bits. It is because it comes at an affordable price compared to Freud router bits and comparatively offering the same quality. Third, the main benefit is the durability of the router bits. They are not only good for the regular cutting but also perfect for the hard case cuttings.

It is not expensive if we compare it with Freud router bits. However, It is still expensive for most beginners. Again, if the budget is not an issue for you, you can go ahead with the purchase.Pros

  • Vibrations free operations.
  • You’ll be getting convenient and durable storage options.
  • The durability of the router bits.
  • The excellent balance at High RPM.


  • Expensive for beginners.

9. MLCS 6077

Whenever we need some economy bits, the only brand which comes in our mind is MLCS. It is one of the most trusted brands for getting router bits. It comes with 15 piece set and that too along with 1/4 inch shank. You will love to know that the 15 router bits come along with this product is perfect for any woodworking tasks. Probably, you will be getting four straight bits, along with a cove bit, rounding-over bit, V-groove bit, and a flush-trim bit in the package. Additionally, It also comes with a bearing which helps in converting round over bit into a beading bit.

Do you know the thing I liked the most about this product? The primary Woodworking Carbide Tipped bit set is the value. You are getting 15 sets of carbide router bits at such an affordable price. However, when you are spending such a less budget, then you cannot expect these bits to be long lasting.

You will end up getting broken router bits after few months of usage. However, it depends upon the usage and how professional you are. Apart from all the aspects, MLCS 6077 still a better option for the beginners.


  • It comes at an affordable cost.
  • Professional Carbide Router bits.
  • It is perfect for beginners.


  • There is a durability issue.

10. Bosch RBS010

Bosch, which is one of the famous companies for manufacturing appliances and tools for the customers. You will love to find that Bosch RBS010 comes with ten pieces professional router bit sets along with 1/2 inch shank (Which is better than most of the 1/4 inch shanks). This router bit sets include 1/2-Inch Shank: Roundover Bit, Roman Ogee Bit, Chamfer Bit, 2-Flute Flush Trim Bit, 2-Flute Straight Bit, 2-Flute Straight Bit, Dovetail Bit, 1/4-Inch Shank: Core Box Bit, V-Groove Bit and Hinge Mortising Bit.

The thing I liked the most about this product is the highest quality Micrograin carbide tips that are precision ground. You will be getting superior wear resistance and sharp edge cuttings for the better finish. The other thing is, it is having both of the 1/2 inch shanks. The first one is used for getting LED’s and the other one is used to control vibration during operation.

There is only one thing which I do not like about this product. Which is, it should come with more bits as the bits included in this product are not enough for most of the woodworking tasks. In the end, Bosch RBS010 is well-engineered and currently, the best router bits set in the market. I will surely advise people to spend money on this, and additionally, they can purchase some extra bits set.


  • It comes with both 1/2 inch shanks.
  • Micrograin carbide tips.
  • It is available at affordable pricing.


  • It should come with more router bits.

Things To Look at Before Purchasing Router Bits…

When you need to have the best quality router bits for your routing project, it can be a little bit difficult since there are many different options that are available in the market. However, when you need to choose the best, then you need to make sure that you do so by considering some of the best factors. With the help of these factors, you can be easily assured that you will get all your money’s worth.

Check for the Shank Size

One of the most important things that you need to consider when you are choosing the router bits is the shank size. There are many different shank sizes that have got different functions.

However, the most common options that are used by people are the ½” and the ¼”. These two options for bit shanks are the best ones because they can be used for the different woodworking tasks.

Also, they are pretty universal and can be used on any particular router.

Check for the Materials Use for the Bits

When we talk about the router bits, there are mainly 3 different types of materials that are commonly used for the construction of the router bits. These materials are high-speed steel, solid carbide, and carbide tipped. Most people often go for the carbide router bit instead of the high- steel router bit set.

The reason is that these sets will give you the actual worth of the money. But then again, the high steel router bits are the pieces that are very cheap and can be afforded by anyone. The plastics that are used in these are very light. However, they also tend to get a lot duller than the carbide bits.

When you are choosing your own router bits, you need to consider the materials that are used for the construction of the bits.

Use a Particularly Sharp Router Bit

You need to choose the router bit that is sharper than the others that are available. The reason behind doing this is that the sharper router bits will make sure that the cuts that are made on the woods are much better and smoother.

Also, you wouldn’t really have to use as much power that the other router bits might require. Since the router bits are sharp, the cuts will have more quickly and will take less electricity as well.

Go for the Perfect Grind

One of the most important factors that affect the performance of the router bit is the grind that it has.

So, you need to make sure that you choose the one that suits the needs and the preferences that you have.

Maintain Great Balance

When you are making cuts, you need to make sure that the vibration is reduced. This not only increases the safety but it also increases the quality and smoothness of the cuts that are made.

So, you need to make sure that the balance of the router bit is not off so that it can be safe for you to use it. We would recommend using the router bits that have a pretty good spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process to change router bits on the router?

The process is simple. You can begin by removing the base of the router. It is to gain access to the router bit. Second, you need to lose the collet, which securely holds the router bit in a place. The last thing you need to do is remove the router bit and later, you can replace with another router bit.

2. Router bits made from carbide tips are most durable. However, they still require re-sharpening down the line?

When we heavy use the stuff, even those which are made up of the sharp carbide tips, will eventually lose their sharp edges. However, It does not happen usually, and it is for the heavy usages. In case, if it still occurs, then you can simply for re-sharpening down the line or ask for any professional assistance.

3. As a beginner, do we need an expensive router bit set?

Nothing like that, I am a professional woodworker, and I’ll surely go and recommend the expensive and better router bit set for most of the tasks. As a beginner, you can start with some small and cheap options and whenever you get an expert on using them. You can simply move on to a professional and expensive router bit set for the better and harder experience.

4. Where are the bits manufactured?

The manufacturing location may be different for most of the router bits. To be the instance:

  • The Freud products are made in Italy and Switzerland
  • The Whiteside and Bosch are made in America
  • The CMT bits are made in Italy.
  • The Yonico and MLCS bits are made in Taiwan and China


One of the most important parts of having the woodwork done is to select the router bits. Since there are so many options available, we are going to make the job a bit easier for you. Although every single one of the options that we have here is the best, if you go by popular demand, the 30-piece MLCS 8369 set is probably the best option for the router bits set.

This is the kit that will provide you with the profiles that you will definitely need while routing. Apart from that, the interesting features that it has made it the best set of router bits for sure. In case if you want a different option, there are other options to choose from. So, go ahead and order yourself some of the best router bits right now.