How To Measure Chainsaw Bar – Easy and Effective Guide

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by James

The bar of the chainsaw can be small in size; however, considering its importance is quite a crucial part of the entire functionality of the tool.

Now, those who have to deal with the chainsaws should have a firm idea on how to deal with this tiny part of the steel. Moreover, your chainsaw will not work with an over-sized chain, and it won’t do any good if the bar doesn’t fit.

Thus, choosing a bar and the chain doesn’t seem to be as easy as looking for the biggest and strongest ones available. So, you have to know what your chainsaw can handle, and which chains fit which bars.

So, in that case, you need to measure the Chainsaw Bar. Therefore, today we have featured a step by step guide to measure a chainsaw bar.

Required Tools to Measure Chainsaw Bar

Measuring the bar length of the chainsaw requires these few tools in hands.

  1. The Chainsaw
  2. A measuring tape

Once you have collected all the required tools, let’s proceed to the detailed process for measuring the chainsaw bar.

Safety Precautions

First, we will tell you that Chainsaw is quite a dangerous tool. Even if you measure the bar, you still, need precautionary steps that are as follows.

You need to remove the spark plug to make sure that it won’t accidentally start. Also, if you have just used the chainsaw, let’s cool it down first. The engines might be too hot to approach if you measure it immediately after using the machine!

Furthermore, if you want to wear gloves and necessary safety gears than it’s nothing wrong in it.

How to Measure Chainsaw Bar?

Here is the step by step guide to measure the chainsaw bar. Make sure to follow each step correctly.

  1. You have to measure the distance from the tip of the chainsaw bar to the point where the bar first emerges from the saw’s casing. You need a tape to measure the chainsaw bar. Moreover, the most common bar measurements are 16, 18 as well as 20 inches.
  2. Steady the chainsaw by laying it straight across the flat surface. It will make it easier to extend the tape measure and log an accurate measurement.
  3. Pick the tape and measure the tautly so that it aligns with the notable tooth of the chainsaw nose. Take the note of the length and round it up to the nearest whole inch. In the majority of cases, the number will fall approximately between 12 and 20 inches.
  4. Now, remove the plastic casing of the chainsaw. This can be done using an appropriate wrench or with the socket. When you remove the plastic casing, you can now easily measure the covered position of the bar.
  5. Once you have successfully measured the metal casing, you can now reattach the casing and plug it as it was before.


Fundamentally, the power tools can become a liability if they are not properly maintained and cared. You must not repair the power tool without the proper knowledge. Furthermore, you should always use safety gear, like gloves, eye protection, as well as loggers to ensure that you’re well-protected. Contact the manufacturer in case your chainsaw needs a local repair.


Learning how to measure the Chainsaw Bar is quite an easy task. Now in case if you want to replace the chainsaw blade, then it would be beneficial. Once you have got the entire information related to the size of the blades you can easily purchase the parts which you want to replace.

Investing in a quality saw as well as maintaining it properly, can extend the life of your tools and thus saves your money too. Now, if you do need to buy replacement parts, you now have to know how to do so.

We hope that our guide to measuring the chainsaw is quite helpful. All you need to do is simply follow each step carefully to get the best results.

Learning the tricks to maintain your handheld power tool is essential; but, learning to replace the old deteriorated parts would be a bonus. If you have queries or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section.