Best Pole Saw 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by James

If you want to go from tree cutting yourself, then the first thing that you would need is a pole saw. But you need to be careful while choosing any one of them so that you do not end up in buying a useless device.

Today we are going to talk about five of the best pole saw which you will be able to buy if you need to cut trees and its branches.

#1. Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 8 inch Gas Pole Saw

This is one of the strongest poles saw that comes with a strong 25cc gas engine. It is incredibly easy to handle and his user-friendly so it can be used by the beginners as well as the experts.

It also comes with a feature of having a chain which is self-lubricating. Therefore, you do not have to spend your time in oiling the wood saw as it is smooth working.


It can go up to 12 feet, which comes with a 7 feet extension pole so that you can move around while using the saw. The device is highly compatible so that you can attach a number of elements to it like a blower, hedge trimmer, edger, and a lot more. The most impressive fact about it is that even if you have the hardest of branches to cut, then also it will not be a problem with this device.

It has also been accompanied by a 2-year warranty so that the users do not need to worry much before buying the device. If you want an easy to handle the pole saw, then you have to buy this one. On unboxing you can find a gas pole saw, two-cycle oil and a user guide.


  • Powerful working mechanism.
  • Auto-lubricating.
  • High durability.


  • Heaviness.

#2. Greenworks 20672 Pole Saw

This is another one of the highest functioning devices which run on 40 volts and 2-ampere Lithium-ion battery functioning. It is one of the most affordable devices that you can ever have for making your tree cutting easier.


The battery system is very high functioning and durable which helps in the smooth functioning of the pole saw. It has a complete yard system which is inclusive of the battery as well as the charger. The cutting bar has been designed by the best of the professionals so that you can trim the trickiest of the branches in an easy manner.

The weight of the product is around 8.360 lbs, and even the chain system is easy to adjust so that you can quickly tighten or let loose of the device. The dimensions of the device are 107 inches by 7 inches by 7.5 inches.

This is also an auto-lubricating device so that it is highly durable and you do not have to waste your time in oiling the product. The materials used aluminum shaft which can be pulled up to 8 feet so that you do not have to can find the device to certain segments only.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable motor.


  • Not fully extendable.
  • Sometimes there can be a battery issue.


This is another pole saw which comprises of a high functioning lithium-ion battery so that it gives promising durability. If your main priority is to look for a high functioning device, then this is the device that you would look forward to.


This is a device which can make a hundred cuts and even more when it comes to one and a half inch branches every time it is charged. The most impressive fact about it is that your machine will run without any obstacles and hindrance for quite some number of years. It is compatible with the number of attachment tools and the best fact about it is that it is cordless, so you do not have to remain confined while using this device.

It comes with an oil bottle and easy operative instructions so that your cutting job can be easier. You can turn around the pole saw and cut the branches in any angle you like so that you can control whatever you want to cut.


  • Value for money.
  • Cordless.
  • The battery can be switched.


  • The battery life is not much durable and takes a long time to charge.

#4. Silky 179-39 Telescoping Manual Saw

It is an average looking device with a working mechanism which is average, but it is only used by the beginners and the intermediates when it comes to tree cutting.


It is a manual cutting saw which means you are looking forward to a non-automated device. The tool works quite fine, and the blade has been made up of very hard aluminum so that it does not get corroded away and is highly durable at the same time. But because it is manual in nature you do not have many options to do everything with this device.

The irony is among all other saws, it is one of the most expensive ones and is about 21 feet long which gives you incredible cutting range. It is mostly used for commercial purposes, but it is very target specific.


  • The longest pole that you can ever get


  • The price is too high
  • Limited functionality

#5. Sun Joe 20VIONLTE PS8 Pole saw

If you have been looking forward to having an affordable machine, then this is the best brand that you should go forward to.


One thing that you have to look is that it is one of the shortest machines on the list and its range is not more than 9 feet. The people who are budget buyer would go for this one even though it is small in size and on the heavy side as well.

  • It is highly affordable.


  • Short durability.
  • Less durable.

There are numerous sectors that you have to look forward to when you are adding the pole saw in your buying list. The factors are power, reach, physical restrictions, and the kind of cutting that you would like to do.

Types of Pole Saw That You Can Find

Cordless Pole Saw

This is one of the easiest to handle device that is absolutely automatic by nature and runs on battery. If you want to run this device for at least an hour then it is always advisable that you go for the Lithium-ion batteries because it is highly durable rather than the Nickel-cadmium battery.

The durability of the battery will definitely play a huge factor in the durability of the device, therefore, make sure that you choose carefully. Mostly these kinds of devices is very lightweight in nature and powerful at the same time. This is rechargeable which is the reason why you can use this device for long periods of time without any problems.

Electric Pole Saw

Unlike the battery operated pole saw, you should be going for the ones with an electric cord while you are cutting the trees. These are very effective aluminum blades which do not get corroded away easily and keeps the wood cutting saw absolutely stable and hardy. The only downside is that without the help of an extension cord you will be confined to a spot, but it is, even more, lighter than the cordless devices, because it does not contain a battery. Electric devices are mostly used when you do not want to stop working for charging the battery time and again.

Gas Powered Pole Saw

Among all the different kind of devices, this is the most effective with the highest working performance and power. These models have been created out of very sturdy materials so that you can cut bigger tree trunks and take up any kind of wood cutting project. The blades are after 9 inches so that even if you have to cut any tall tree it would not be a problem. As because this device is more powerful, it is the heaviest one of the lot, and yet efficient for residential as well as commercial purposes.

Precautions to Take Care of While Using the Pole Saw

Check the Surroundings While Operating the Device

While you are operating the saw, it is important that you check the surroundings to be safe. See to it whether there are any power lines or any kind of property that might be damaged while you are cutting the tree. Remember that any powerful device should be used with precaution so that you can remain in a hazard-free Manner, and it is always important to have a clear area while operating it.

Check Whether the Climate Is Good Enough for the Device to Be Used

If you are using a corded pole saw, then you should never use it when the climate is absolutely windy or rainy, as it might cause accidents like a short circuit or you may even lose the balance while trimming the trees. It is always better to choose a clear weather day while working with a wood cutting saw.

Know the Kind of Trees You Are Cutting

The trees which are dead and falling might not need much effort and will react differently than the fresh trees when you put the saw on them. So you have to analyze the tree structure first so that you can calculate therefore that you are putting while cutting the tree branches. Otherwise, you might get hurt or end up cutting the tree inaccurately.

Be Steady While Cutting the Tree

Did you know that your standing position actually determines the kind of cutting that you will be doing? So you have to put your feet firmly on the ground so that you can cut in the most perfect manner. Also while using a pole saw, it is advisable that you grip it with both hands held together so that you can have a steady balance on the device.

Factors to Look for While Buying the Product


The first element that you should look forward to while buying a pole saw is definitely the kind of power that it generates. Most of the experts say that it is always good to buy a powerful device even if it is a little bit hard to handle because otherwise, it will take a lot of time for you to trim the trees. High powered devices save a lot of your time and money and are also highly durable at the same time.


Any device should be chosen on the factor of their user-friendliness so that you do not have any problems while cutting the trees for long hours. Nowadays there is a number of comfort features like soft grip which makes the device absolutely user-friendly and you can use it even if you are a beginner.


Many people think that buying an inexpensive device means it will be Highly Effective. But the fact is entirely different. You can even get the wood cutting saw that you need in the affordable range. You only have to pick the perfect machine with the kind of features that you need and that will be enough for you.


While buying any pole saw, you have to understand that maintaining the device should be absolutely easy. Many of these devices are absolutely self-lubricant in nature, and you do not have to think about oiling the machine time and again to keep it running. Most of the experts think that it is always a great option to keep a device that is self-maintained so that it is hassle-free.


Let you know about every nook and corner of the world of pole saws and some of the best pole saw models, it is always a great time to get the pole saw that you have always desired to have. Once you unbox, just assemble and start working right away! If you abide by all the aforementioned tips and tricks to use the device with precaution you will definitely be able to work with pole saw like a pro within a few days.