Best Cordless Circular Saw 2020 – Top 10 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Do you want to know the best cordless circular saw for your purpose? If you are working on any architectural or construction project, then you must have the perfect technical tools to work with. Cordless saws are quite convenient for people who work on DIY projects. These saws are substantial and, at the same time, do not need plugging in. Here is a list of amazing saws that you may find handy. If you are planning to work on any architectural project, then you must require a saw. This list can help you find the best-suited equipment for your project.

The saw blades are built or used for different purposes. You can cut wood, plastic, metals, etc. with these saws. But make sure you are choosing the right blade for your job. Cutting metal with a wooden blade will harm the blade itself. Lots of flexible options are available with every type of product available on this list. This will help you to maneuver the project piece easily and set the blade in the right position. Lots of protective measures are taken to ensure no accident takes place when someone works on the saw.

Best Cordless Circular Saw 2020

If you are a beginner and just started working on a woodworking project, we can help you find the best saw for you.

You need something with protection, precision, versatility, and of course, convenience. All the cordless circular saws available in the market can be used easily without much fuss.

It is quite possible that you might not understand all the features of all types of saws. So read the list provided here, and you will end up getting the perfect saw for your project. Click the blue links to find the best deal on Amazon.

Here are the best cordless circular saws ranked, in order:

1. DEWALT DC390B 18-Volt

Our choice: If you are a DIY enthusiast and if you are going to make a bookcase or a kitchen setup for your use, you can use this product. The cordless saw ensures that you can use it for any type of work, and it won’t fall apart.

The battery back up and the charger doesn’t come along with the kit, and one can easily buy these two products from amazon. The DW9117 15-minute charger is used in this case and available on amazon.

DC9096 18-volt XRP battery backup can be used with this product, and this is also available on amazon. If you are going to start working on this tool, these two significant elements should be bought soon.


  • The motor is potent with 3700 RPM rotation. This ensures that you will get a hassle-free, easy, and smooth cut.
  • A 2X powerful cut is available for the person using this. If you are a novice, you can also work efficiently with this circular saw.
  • Upper grid protection ensures that the user will not face any kind of problem and can securely finish off his task.


  • People face battery issues a lot. Only a genuine replacement from the DEWALT company will be something you should look out for.

2. Makita SH02R1 12V

Amazon’s Choice: This Makita saw can work on a lot of platforms like particleboard, pegboard, MDF, plywood, drywall, metal, and so many other types. The weight of the machine is around 3.5 pounds, which is pretty less compared to other products of the same category.

This saw can quickly be taken from a place to another. The lightweight won’t affect the user, and he will not face any kind of fatigue during long hectic working hours.

The 1500 RPM motor is pretty durable and works effortlessly. The saw is comfortable in cutting within 0 degrees to 45-degree range. The tilted base allows the saw to cut comfortably on a variety of angles. The cut with this MAKITA saw is perfect and smooth.


  • This company comes with a speed cutting technique with a 1500 RPM motor.
  • The Makita kit is versatile and cuts a lot of things such as particleboard, pegboard, MDF, plywood, drywall, and so on.
  • The base is tilting and helps the saw to cut on a variety of ranges from 0 degrees to 45 degree angles.


  • The maximum cutting depth is 1,” which is quite less compared to other tools present on the competitive list.

3. Black & Decker BDCCS20C 20V

This is a powerful tool that is worth buying. The product comes as a bare one, and no battery pack is added to the primary machine. But any type of battery comes from the home of Black and Decker will work with this particular tool.

The detent adjustment facility is available with this specific product. You can place the saw at any position and can get a precision cut at both 90 degrees and 45 degrees.

The right-angle cuts coming out of this circular saw is precise and to the point. No snag can be seen in the case of this particular object. A 5.5-inch cutting blade and a high torque motor ensure that the purpose you are working on cuts down smoothly.


  • Black & Decker cuts in a very smooth and powerful manner.
  • The rotor comes with the motor that is pretty smooth and hardworking and ensures a quick cut.
  • The blade is quite durable. So if you invest in this product once, you can easily continue using it for several years.


  • Users from different parts of the world say that this tool cannot be used for heavy-duty jobs. Only light-duty jobs can be done with them.

4. Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT

The weight of this product, along with its batteries is around 7.3 pounds. This ensures that one can take it to a professional job site or can be used at home for different types of DIY works. The battery pack used in this tool is of 18 Volt and doesn’t come along with the battery.

But this particular battery is quite popular and readily available for amazon for a separate buy. The 3700 RPM motor is pretty fast. So the task you have taken to be finished will be done in no time soon. You are going to enjoy working with this particular product as you are not going to face any kind of fatigue while working on this tool.


  • The 700 RPM motors coming with this particular circular saw gives a faster cutting experience for the user.
  • The precision of this particular circular saw from the house of MAKITA is fantastic. Even if you are an amateur, you are certainly going to love this for sure.
  • It’s a pretty lightweight model that ensures easy maneuvering on the object and hassle-free work.


  • The max bevel cutting capacity is 50 degrees for this particular model from MAKITA.


The 4000 RPM heavy-duty motor is fantastic and can be used to cut a variety of objects of different types and different bases. The battery back up needed for this particular product is of max 20 Volt capacity.

The whole pack is available without a battery back up. But you can quickly get the battery online on Amazon. A 2-⅛ inch sharp cut can be got out of this particular tool. The blade is 6.5 inches and made with carbide.


  • If you are going to have any kind of aggressive cutting projects going on, you can count on this tool.
  • The 4000 RPM motor can handle any type of hard surface cutting with a smooth finish. The powerful engine is indeed pretty helpful in this manner.
  • The over-molded handle ensures that you get a good grip. The tool is hard and fast. So you need something that can keep the thing at ease.


  • As it is high in power, you cannot use it regularly for your jobs if you are not an expert!

6. Milwaukee 2630-20

This product comes with a single 2000 charge or five-year warranty. If you are in search of a heavy-duty circular saw that can be used for massive duty works, this is the perfect tool for you.

The 3500 RPM motor is pretty strong and a hard end product to work on. The 6.5-inch blade ensures a set of works done for you like; framing, electrical and carpentry, and so on. The aluminum shoe provides accuracy in case of a rip cut and huge durability to the tool.


  • Milwaukee understands how precious every second is for you. So an electronic brake comes handy with the saw. This will stop the saw immediately when you finish your job.
  • The cordless saw from Milwaukee doesn’t come with a battery pack. But the batteries from this company easily fit in.
  • You can work in an uncertain environment with the saw, and the soft-grip handle is pretty helpful in keeping the saw at the right position.


  • The fence adjustment is quite tricky when you go out for a blade changing session. The fence would bend.


The 5150 RPM battery is pretty heavy-duty and can handle any type of work easily without much fuss. The saw is very lightweight and weighs around 2 pounds without the battery pack.

A huge bevel capacity is added to the tool that allows an aggressive cutting. The handle is over mold with a rubber that ensures a firm and comfortable grip for the user.


  • 150 RPM motor is present in the saw, which ensures a smooth cut with incomparable speed and power.
  • Rubber overmold is present just to ensure a comfortable and sturdy grip.
  • It comes with a 6.5-inch blade that swiftly cuts the material in 90 degrees and 45 degree angles.


  • Wrench and Allen are not present with the kit that helps in blade changing.

8. Bosch CCS180B 18V

Amazon’s Choice: The weight of this circular saw is around 6.6 pounds, which is pretty less compared to all of its counterparts. The 3900 RPM motor ensures that the user gets a quick, easy, smooth, and hassle-free cutting experience.

The blade is of 6.5-inch capacity, and it will allow you to cut at least 2” thick objects. The saw can be easily gripped, and the cuts are made more quickly.

The user can easily watch the whole cut and ensures that the blade runs on the line drawn by the designer only. It will be a smooth cut without much waste.


  • This particular product is known for its precision. It offers a perfect cut at an ideal angle.
  • The convenience of this product is fantastic. If you want a different type of cut rather than the usual ones, you can quickly go ahead.
  • This product easily handles the job, and the problems of overload and overheating cannot be seen here.


  • The anti-snag used here needs to be lifted manually sometimes.

9. Hitachi C18DGLP4 18V

This is one of the most known and most used circular saws out there in the market. The saw blade is quite heavy duty in nature and can be used for various types of works.

LED light is added near the saw blade just to ensure that the user working on the tool gets to see what exactly he is doing and how the project is going on. The left side mount blade is quite helpful for the user.

If you are a right-handed person, this product is terrific for your case. You are going to love this for sure.


  • Soft grip handles are given for people that want some comfort during the strict hours and some flexibility.
  • The grip of this product is so well built that one may not face any kind of fatigue during long working hours.
  • The 6.5 lbs product is pretty lightweight and can be moved easily from a place to another.


  • The capacity of the batteries is not good enough.

10. Ryobi P508 18 Volt

When you use this product, a dust blower can be seen near the blade mouth just to make sure that you get to see the exact cut. If you are working in low light, a led is mounted on the blade that will help you to see the cut line correctly.

There’s a storage option available for your favorite wrench. This will cut down your time and labor a lot. The left mount saw comes with GripZone overmold.

This will make sure that you can grip the saw properly and work effortlessly on this product. Overmold is given for a two-hand grip.


  • Dust blower is mounted with the blade to make sure that the architect can see the cut.
  • The front pommel has an over-mold mount to make sure that a two-handed operation is done without much fuss.
  • The design is ergonomic as the makers know that you might work late nights and prolonged hours on this.


  • This is perfect for DIY projects and not for serious architecture projects.

Buying Guide For Cordless Circular Saw

When you have a circular saw in your toolbox, you have a lot of options to work on. There are several situations when you might require the help of a circular saw.

This piece of tool is a multipurpose product and can be used at any point in time. As it is cordless, you can use it anywhere. This is a versatile product, and to run, you need to have some charged up batteries.

So if you are looking forward to buying some circular saw, here is your chance to get one of your choices. If you search online, you will get lots of shops selling this product. Make sure you locate the best one among them.

There are some points that you should consider while choosing the perfect circular saw for your use.

Point to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Saw

  • Power:

Like all other machines out there, this one also needs some ability to work. Lots of companies offer different types of circular saws with varieties of power options.

You need to figure out the one you require for your use. There are lots of online shops available, and you can go through the list provided here.

Choose the power option you are looking for and then buy the product. All the buying links are given below the product name for your convenience.

  • Functions:

Corded saws may have a limited set of working capabilities, but when it comes to cordless ones, the functional variety is uncountable. You may take the saw to different parts of the product you are cutting and defining.

This product doesn’t make much effort and work properly. The cut will be done quickly and wonderfully. The reduction will be smooth. So you can always rely on cordless saws for your work.

  • Worth Buying:

Well, they can be used anywhere and at any point in time. It is worth buying. If you are a DIY enthusiast and love to make things out of scratch, this is undoubtedly for you. If you work at a woodshop and if you are working in the architecture field as well, you might find it handy.

Lots of ways are there where you may use this product. The versatility of this product is beyond any question. So if you are saving money and want to invest in this product, you should go for that.

  • Safety features:

When you are working on a saw, the safety features must be up to a point. The products mentioned in this list are prepared by the companies that have been doing business for quite some time now.

These companies have invested their reputation in the market, and they would never come up with a product that doesn’t have safety precautions.

All the products mentioned here maintain the safety protocols of the standards set in the market. So they are safe to use.

  • Convenience:

These days, people do not have a lot of time to lose behind any kind of project. They want more time for marketing. Hence they require products that are convenient to be used at any point.

The cordless counterpart of a circular saw fulfills all the requirements of convenience. So one can easily choose this product over other saws.


Thus, one of these best cordless circular saw can be a great choice to start working within a new project. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you must have all the necessary tools you may require. Cordless circular saws have lots of working varieties, and they are easy to work on. This is the reason that most people love to use this kind of product. With the list mentioned above and with the details and pros and cons mentioned about each product, you now know which one to choose. Check out the buying links provided along with all the products. What are you waiting for? Grab your product and start working on your next project.