Bench Dog Pro Max – Review Must Read

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Woodworking is no child’s play, and with the small workstations and working tools it just gets all the more frustrating. It is a common complaint among woodworkers that while many extension tables offer good performance they take a lot of space on their workstation. This makes moving around the place very difficult. Looking for a compact and efficient extension table for your table saw? Look no further, the Bench Dog ProMax is sturdy enough to support your table saw bit also compact as to not cause any hindrance in your work.

A router table is a great tool for woodworkers and carpenters alike. It has many uses and purposes, from light carpentry to heavy duty work. The Bench Dog ProMax offers versatility with its commercial quality and compatibility. Its sturdy, compact design guarantees accuracy in calculations. A popular name in the market, this router table provides great value for money!

Bench Dogs are an extension table that expands the usefulness of your tablesaw by providing support for both small-scale wooden projects or large-scale construction jobs requiring precise measurements when cutting wood pieces on a sawhorse or bench top surface (that will not accommodate the full size of a regular router).

A bench dog is an extension to an existing surface on which one may do various tasks such as timber cutting or sanding. The Bench Dog ProMax works by extending the accuracy capabilities of any tablesaw when working off-the-ground surfaces like sawhorses or benches; it has been created out of hardwood lumber with brass side rails so you can use them as clamps.

The Bench Dog ProMax is a router table that will elevate your work to the next level. This robust, durable and versatile system has been designed for use in both woodworking and carpentry with its commercial-grade standard of quality. The heavyweight MDF top gives you an ideal surface area to rout out any project while also providing stable support when used as a bench or sawhorse. With this extension table from Bench Dog Tools, there are no limitations on what you can do!

You will need to dog holes -ear the front edge of your work piece for accurate cuts.

To know more read through the detailed review given below with all the facts and features:


Benchdog filed for bankruptcy and Rockler bought them out. In any case, I think they’re Rockler owned now and this product is hard to find – may be circulating on the secondhand market so we are keeping the specs in. See Rockler for current models.

Product description:

The Bench Dog ProMax is an extension table that expands the versatility of your table saw with its commercial quality and compatibility. It can be used for both light woodwork and heavy duty carpentering. The sturdy and compact structure of this router table further guarantees accurate calculations. A popular name in the market, this router table is great value for money.

Facts, features and other specifications:

Check out the technical specifications and features offered by Bench Dog ProMax:

  • Product dimensions: 32.2 x 21.7 x 5.1 inches
  • Product weight: 60 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Compatible to all contractor-grade and right tilted table saws
  • Large 32 x 21 inch work table
  • Smart dust collection ports for better safety
  • ProFence feature that can be attached on j-hooks for convenience
  • Comes with attachments such as router tops, mounting fixtures and fence.
  • The ¼ inch T-slots and dual slots on the adjustable feather board for firm grip
  • The MDF sub fences can also be customised as per need.
  • Power saving and cost efficient

The pros:

A list of advantages offered by this router table given below in a nut shell:

  • Compatible to all contractor grade saws
  • Powerful and compact framework
  • Stylish and eye pleasing design
  • Very efficient and versatile
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Large bench table for more convenience
  • Comes with extra attachments and accessories
  • An effective dust collecting system
  • Power efficient and affordable

The cons:

There are certain disadvantages as well that you should look out for:

  • Very heavy, not portable
  • The motor protrudes on the sides and cannot be used by left or right cabinet saws
  • Cannot be adjusted properly, very rigid
  • The manual does not tell you how to install the plate
  • Uneven, curved surface
  • Does not come with a router plate

What we like?

Mentioned below are some of the best loved features of the Bench Dog ProMax router table. Check it out for reasons as to why you should buy it:

Tough and solid:

This extension table is so tough and long lasting even your grandchildren can use it! Made from top quality steel with heavy duty metal coating, the Bench Dog ProMax offers the perfect combination of sturdiness and style.

Adjustable and versatile:

The Bench Dog ProMax is ideal for both personal and professional use. The feather board, MDF fences and other mounting hardware can be adjusted according to your requirement. Even the dual fence slots can be configured to rotate the fence, this way you can work from either side of the table.

Very compatible:

The Bench Dog ProMax router table is extremely compatible to all table saws. You can even use crosscut sleds, thanks to the extra miter slot. But you’ll have to buy the correct pro plate for it, go for 8 ¼” x 11 ¾” router table plates.

Easy to store:

This is perhaps one of the best features of the router table. With its compact and foldable design, the Bench Dog ProMax is very easy on storage and perfect for small shops and warehouses. It saves a lot on space and very convenient to use.

Easy assembly:

The product is pretty easy to set up as well. The various T and miter slots on the feather board enable you to handle crosscut sleds. It supports all types both contactor table saws and can be assembled quickly. Although the manual does not tell you anything about inserting the plates

Extra features:

The extra miter gauge on the left side of the saw blade adds to the efficiency. The intelligent dust collection system prevents the sawdust from damaging your eyes. While the extension table is sturdy and steady, allowing greater accuracy in your woodwork. The bit guard attached on the ProFence is made from heavy duty metal to keep the board straight.

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The final verdict:

Durable and dependable router table for woodworkers, the Bench Dog ProMax is just what you need for your DIY projects. Ideal for small workstations, these router tables offer users both convenience and efficiency. If you’re an amateur and want to try your hand at some casual carpentering, then this router table is definitely a profitable investment.


Woodworking is no child’s play, and with the small workstations and working tools it just gets all the more frustrating. Look no further, the Bench Dog ProMax is sturdy enough to support your table saw bit also compact as to not cause any hindrance in your work.