How Do Chainsaw Sharpeners Work?

Last Updated on March 21, 2021 by James

Working with lumber or wood for long hours can be a serious task. If you are a homeowner who has a yard full of trees and you want to take the responsibility on yourself to maintain them and remove the stumps then you will require the right tools for it. A chainsaw sharpener you will do the job for you!

Wood work can be really intensive and requires good amount of strength. Before chainsaw sharpeners were even invented, the process of chopping wood was even more rigorous as they had to make use of an axe or handsaw to cut up huge pieces of wood. But the process became relatively smooth after the introduction of chainsaw

The blade of the chainsaw can become dull after some time. Although you could easily replace it with a new blade, you could also choose to sharpen the cutting teeth of the chain yourself. Be sure that you check our reviews of the best chainsaw sharpeners.

In case you find it a tedious task to go through the process of sharpening the blade of your chainsaw sharpener, you could even opt for an electric chainsaw sharpener. The one advantage of using an electric chainsaw sharpener is that it can strip away more material on every pass than a single pass with a file, thereby extending the durability of your chainsaw sharpener.

Why Is It Important To Keep The Blades Sharp?

If the blade of your chainsaw sharpener isn’t sharp, it will not be able to cut through the wood accurately and you won’t get precise results. If you feel investing in a new blade is the solution to an existing unsharpened dull blade then you are mistaken.

You do not need to go out there and buy a new chain every time the blade of your chainsaw sharpener becomes dull. You need to rather re-sharpen the cutter on the chain, rather than buying a new one.

If you buy a good quality chainsaw sharpener, you will be able to make the blade work faster and with precision. It does not take more than a few minutes to sharpen the blades of the chainsaw sharpener, and the process is pretty simple and easy as well.

Chainsaw sharpeners come in a manual kit as well as in electrically operated types. It is upto you which one you choose for yourself. The manual ones work well but they are not as sturdy and strong as the electrically powered devices.

This means that the chain of an electrically operated sharpener will be more durable than the manual ones. However the thing with electrical sharpeners is that you need to use them cautiously.

For instance, if you fill the cutters down too low it could pose a threat to you and cause problems for your chainsaw in the long run.

One advantage that a manual chainsaw sharpener has over the electrical ones is that they are far cheaper. However you need to think carefully before investing in a chainsaw sharpener.

Do Chainsaw Sharpeners Work?

When it comes to electric chainsaw sharpeners there are basically two kinds: stationary chainsaw sharpeners which are mounted to a bench and handheld chainsaw sharpeners. The first one requires some amount of assembly before you start using them.

When you are using it, ensure that turn off the motor and move the chain through the chain holder of the saw. You need to repeat this process for every single cutting link in the chain.

A handheld chainsaw sharpener comes with a spinning disc, which resembles a grinder, for the purpose of cutting. You will notice a guide which is attached to the tool which provides with accuracy while sharpening the blade.

However always be careful in doing so, because a little change in the angle of the cutting blade could lead to inconsistency in the grade of sharpening along the cutting chain.

One advantage that a handheld chainsaw sharpener has over their electric counterpart is that they are portable which is a great option for professionals who travel to work.


It is easy to use a chainsaw sharpener but of course when it comes to a machinery with a blade you need to be cautious with its use. Make sure that you always situate the chain in a way that the sanding disc does not make much contact with the cutting link of the chainsaw sharpener.

An electric chainsaw sharpener cuts more than a manual one can strip but it could also adversely affect the chain, making it less effective in the long run.