What Size Of Chainsaw Sharpener Do You Really Need?

Last Updated on May 28, 2021 by James

There is an old saying which goes like, “If your chain is sharp the chainsaw does the work, if it isn’t you do”. Thus it is important to not let the chain of your chainsaw get dull as it could hamper the performance and could actually end up with you doing extra work. There might also be chances of kickback, which could be hazardous. This is why you need a good chainsaw sharpener.

Not all chainsaws are made alike. They will vary in the design as well as the size of the chain as there is no standard size for chainsaws. There is no one chain size that will fit all chainsaw sharpeners. Hence buying a replacement chain can be quite a task. However, it is not really difficult to correct it as you only need to give a look at the chainsaw and you should be good to go.

Determining The Sizes Of Chainsaw Sharpeners

If you are looking for a chainsaw sharpener to sharpen the saw of your chainsaw, you might as well wonder what size will be ideal for it. If you notice the cutter of your chain, you will see a number marked on the size – this will be your chain type.

Once you get this number, you can match it to the size of your chainsaw sharpener, which will be listed on the sharpener chart for the chain. Go through the packaging of the new chains and it will show all sharpening specifications.

In case you lose your manual guide or find it difficult to look for the informations online, you can even measure the chain’s pitch. This will indicate the right size of the chainsaw sharpener you will require. You will also find several sources online that will show you how you can measure the pitch and size of the chains.

A lot about your sharpener depends on the chainsaw you will be sharpening. Whether you want to use a flat one, or a round one – will depend on the chainsaw. To add to that, you also need to know the right technique of sharpening a chainsaw with a chainsaw sharpener.

What Size Of Chainsaw Sharpener Do You Need?

The foremost thing you need to do is to ensure that your chainsaw is not on and the chain brake is kept on. Once that is done, give a close look at the side of the chainsaw. On it, you will be able to check the gauge of the device. Now take a look at the links on the chain, you will find a series of numbers which will be engraved on the side of the chain.

This will indicate the size or pitch of your chainsaw. Ensure that you are correct about the figures before you proceed. In case you go wrong, you will not be able to figure out the exact size of the chainsaw sharpener to use.

Once the size of the chainsaw is known, look for the instructions on the manual guide or on the website of the manufacturer to see what size of chainsaw sharpener you will require. This is a 100% assured way of accessing the right size of chainsaw sharpener.

For example, if the size of the chain pitch is 32, you will require a chainsaw sharpener of about 3/16 inches or approximately of about 4.8 mm. The instruction on the manual provided by the manufacturer will help you to accurately confirm the size. Once, you find the necessary size, you will be able to measure it against the chain and thereby work effectively with it.


When you use the sharpener line up of the file should be in line with the angle of the chainsaw that will be marked on each cutter. This will help up to maintain the correct angle when you use the chainsaw sharpener to sharpen the cutter. If you do not notice a line on the cutter, you can also go to the store you got it from. In case there is no line it means that there is not much of the cutter left to sharpen.