How To Choose A Hybrid Table Saw

Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by James

Hybrid table saw is a new class of table saw which has been introduced by the renowned brand DeWalt in the year 1999 with the model DW746. They are sometimes even referred to as a “light-duty cabinet saw”.

Basically it is a mix of a contractor’s open stand saw and a shop grade cabinet saw, which has been patented by DeWalt. The hybridization comes from the assembly of a small contractor motor along with a cabinet stand and an internal motor mount.

What Makes A Hybrid Table Saw Distinct?

What makes it distinct from the other variants of table saw is its trunnion design. The hybrid saw uses contractor saw trunnion assembly and it is lighter in weight and it typically hangs from the bottom of the table, differing from the heavier cabinet saw assemblies, which are otherwise supported on the top of the cabinet itself.

These table saws come within a range of $700 to $1200. They come with a 10-inch blade saw which you can easily carry with you to your jobsite and you can set it up in your extended time. You can even use it in a smaller woodworking space.

A hybrid saw is a contractor’s saw which essentially comes with a stand and it is completely enclosed and the motor is also on the inside rather than being at the back. This makes it even more convenient to use in your workspace, however, it is relatively harder to move.

Most of the old style contractor saws are also stationary, so the built up of a hybrid table saw is also justified that way. Many manufacturers have stopped manufacturing traditional contractor table saws, and rather go for the hybrid table saw models.

A hybrid table saw is mostly used as a cabinet maker saw, which is more like a hobby grade tool. You can, for instance, use it to make baseboard molding or to make cove cuts.

The one downside of using this table saw is that the blade tilt raises and its lower mechanism. This makes the motor hanging from the bottom of the table and that can make the iron table to sag slightly over time.

Trunnions which are bolted at the bottom of the table also makes them difficult to adjust the alignment of the blade.

What Nurtured The Concept Of Hybrid Table Saw?

There have essentially been two types of saw for the average woodworker: contractor style saw and cabinet saw. While cabinet saws come with larger motors, enclosed base and huskier moving parts, they are also easier to use and assemble and you could also hook them up with a dust collector which makes it more powerful.

However, a cabinet table saw is less advantageous as a contractor style table saw and it is also heavier. In recent years, in order to come up with a formidable response to this manufacturers have come up with the concept of hybrid saw.

How To Choose A Hybrid Table Saw?

Hybrid table saws are a new category of table saws which have some amazing valuable features. To begin with they are lighter in weight and they come with motors in the range of 1-½ – 1-¾ HP which means that you can use them with a standard 110 volt service.

Even though they are sturdy in their built-up they are well constructed and have a cabinet type base. Although the base might be shorter, they are fully enclosed and is mounted with a motor on the inside of the base.

Aforementioned they are equipped with substantial trunnions and arbor bearings, along with an advanced drive belt system. The alignment of the blade and the miter slot makes it easier to use the blade.

There are certain important point selling points of a hybrid table saw which you need to keep in mind when you are buying one. This includes the following:

  • An enclosed cabinet saw design
  • Smoothness in operation
  • A powerful fence system
  • Dust collection ability
  • A guard system
  • Sturdy motor power
  • Fence performance

Furthermore, the hybrids come with a 110 volt induction motor, which as you by now know, is mounted below the blade. All of the hybrid table saws come with T-square-style fences and they are mostly deflected between .003” and .006”.

When you use a properly aligned blade guard or splitter, you will not have any problem with the amount of fence deflection. The miter gauge stop at 0 degree and 45 degrees. They use a retractable pin which provides for a stable bearing surface.


Although they look typically like a cabinet saw with noise and dust capturing closed base, they perform more like contractor saws. They are a stationary table saw which is built in a way that they look like an expensive cabinet maker saw, and they are traditionally also known as a contractor saw.

The trunnions and saw mechanism which is mounted on the cabinet base makes them stationary and great to use with. We hope this guide has been helpful to you in understanding how to choose a hybrid table saw.