Best Drill Bit Sharpener 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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When you go for the sharp drill bits, it is very easy and fun to use them. This is because they help in operating the drill easily and you can use it conveniently. But as the time passes, it is seen that drill bit becomes dull, and due to this the drill bit required the frequent cleaning as well as maintenance for working of projects that are present around the house or in the shop. The main thing which concerns the people is about the dull drill bits, and they don’t want to spend money on it to buy the new one always. At this period, you always search for the best drill bit sharpener, and you can get plenty of results based on the type of drill bit sharpener, voltage, drill bit material, phase, drill size and twist bit point angles. This helps to save the money as well as your time to search and buy for the new drill sets.

Best Drill Bit Sharpener 2020

Below is a list of the best drill bit sharpeners we found on the market today.

This bit comes with the great features, and it is compatible with many types of drill bits which includes cobalt, masonry and with high-speed steel. This even adds a back-cut split point which helps in penetrating the material faster as well as in drilling the things in a precise manner.

It comes with angle variation of 115 to 140 degree, got minimum bit size of 3/32 inch to maximum bit size of ¾ inch and comes with warranty of 3 years. Customers who all have to buy this drill sharpener have given it high ratings.

This drill sharpener is available to you at an affordable rate. They provide you with good performances, and if any over-splitting occurs, then you can go for the push to stop function. This gives accurate results for you.


  • It provides optional back cut split for good performance.
  • It got push to stop function.
  • Prevents over-splitting.


  • Not easy for beginner’s.
  • The directions to use is cofusing.

2. Darex V390 Industrial Drill Bit Sharpener

This device is an ideal choice for all shops as it provides you with the precision sharpener things. The way it works for this is also very quick and intuitively. The drilling machine comes with the cobalt drill bits, and as an option, you also get a diamond wheel that can be used in the carbides.

If you need some powerful drill bit sharpener, then you can go for this device. It comes with angle that varies from 118 to 140 degree, minimum bit size of 1/8 inch to maximum bit size of ¾ inch, and warranty of 1 year.

Customers who all have gone for the Darex V 390, they have considered it as the top-rated product when it is compared with other things. It is seen that they work very well with the Cobalt drill bits and they too have got the adjustable split-point feature for his. Apart from that, you can get other relief control for you. It can handle about 5/6 bits per hour.


  • It comes with adjustable split-point feature.
  • It got versatility.
  • It can handle 5/6 bits an hour.


  • Diamond wheel for Carbide is not included.
  • It is not expensive for light duty.

3. Drill Doctor 350X Drill Bit Sharpener

This usually works with most of the common bits as well as sizes which can be used for the wood and other light metals. This device helps you a lot in your home, and it is very easy and convenient to use.

The V-block jaw helps in holding the bit firmly with no twisting even when dealing with the smallest bits. The customers highly rate this device. This is because it is available at an affordable price and can do the work in accuracy and in less time.

This comes with the minimal adjustments which can be changed by you as per your need. It comes with angle 118 degree, got minimum bit size with 3/32 inch and maximum bit size of ½ inch, and 3 years warranty.


  • It goes for industrial shape sharpening wheel.
  • It is easy to use with minimal adjustments.


  • Body is made up plastic.
  • Not recommended for industrial use.

4. XtremePower US Sharpening Machine

This machine has got the minimum bit size of about 7/64 inch while the maximum bit size of about 3/8 inch. The weight of the machine is near to 2 lbs. This machine is said to be the basic machine which has got high power sharpener for the drill bits.

The attachments that come with this helps in sharpening the tools in a great way. You can also adjust it as per your need without any problem, and this is a great tool.

The machine is loved by the customers who have gone for it. Most of the customers loved this because this acts not only like sharpens drill bits, but it acts as the other tools as well.

The machine comes with 4800 RPMs which provide the best power to get the job done. The weight of the machine is 2 lbs. It comes with minimum bit size of 7/64 inch and maximum bit size with 3/8 inch.


  • It comes with sharpening wheel.
  • It comes with 4800 RPMS.


  • It comes with plastic guides to maintain alignment.
  • It is difficult for beginner.

5. Woodstock D4144 Drill Bit Sharpener

When it comes to the sharpener, this comes with a little bit different types. This is because this comes with the table top of workbench which needs to get installed on it. This is very lightweight, and it is also made up of good materials.

The customers who have Woodstock D4144 sharpener love it. This is because this allows the benches or table tops to go to more stability. Apart from that it is lightweight and is available to you at an affordable rate. It comes with angle 41 degree to 88 degree, minimum bit size of 1/8 inch and maximum bit size of ¾ inch.


  • It comes with mount benches and table tops for more stability.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It don’t work with bench grinder.
  • It uses sharpening tool.

6. Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener

This drill sharpener is built on the base of standard twist and other masonry bits. This helps you in customizing the angle of the device between 115 degrees to 140 degrees.

The best thing about this it has got the long chuck jaws as it holds with the bits that make it effective with the bits of smaller sizes. For this reason, it is nearly impossible that the bit gets twisted. The device comes with a long power cord for about 6 foot.

This can split cuts as well. This comes with a standard twist and other masonry bits and can do split cuts as well. This has got some high ratings from the customers who all have used it.


  • It is good for masonry bits and standard twist.
  • It can do split cuts.
  • It is a good machine.


  • Operation of this is not easy.
  • Customers feel hard to use it.

7. Drill Doctor DD500 Drill Bit Sharpener

The drill sharpener comes with the range of different bits, and that includes the carbide with high-speed steel, masonry bits, and black oxide. You can also adjust the angle as well as can create or even remove the split points too.

The set up of this device is very simple, and it is very easy to use. It comes with angle 118 to 135 degree, minimum bit size of 3/32 inch and maximum bit size of ½ inch, and 3 years of warranty. Customer prefers this device as it can create or remove the split points.

You can also go for the pre-calibrated setting for ease of use along with free maintenance. This also includes the storage device and comes with an adjustable angle.


  • It can create or remove the split points.
  • It is pre-callibrated for ease of use.
  • It includes hard storage case.


  • It is not effective.
  • It is difficult to use.

8. Drill Master Budget Hand Drill Sharpener

This has got the best sharpener which is low-tech, and it is highly effective also. The built-in guides make it very easy to use and to handle the machine in the best way. The drill is a power drill which operates between 200-3500 RPM to use it.

It comes with the angle 60 degree, minimum bit size of 5/64 inch and maximum bit size of ½ inch, and 1 year of warranty.


  • It can sharpen the thin bits.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It gives you smooth finish.


  • It require drill to power it.
  • It is difficult to keep in place.

9. Neiko 10170A Drill Bit Sharpening Tool

This machine is a very low tech machine, but it is very effective in the first place. This comes with built-in guides. As a result, it helps the users to use the machine in the right manner without doing any kind of harm to themselves.

The device is very much popular among the customers as it is very simple and effective. It gives 100 grit stone to sharp and smooth finish. They are considered to be best by the users as they are inexpensive and can effectively accurately sharpen the thin bits.


  • It works with split-point.
  • It comes with standard twist bits.


  • It is not automatic.
  • It required technical expertise.

So, if you are searching for the drill bit sharpener, then you can refer to the above lists. In this list, you will find the top 9 drill bit sharpener which you can buy from the market for your bit sharpening purpose.

Advantages of Drill Bit Sharpeners

When you go for the sharpeners, it is seen that you usually think about the benefits that you can get due to the drill bit sharpeners. Here are the things that you get if you go for the drill bit sharpeners.

Helps in Extending the Old Drill Bits

If you are using the drill regularly and the drill is consist of bits that are of various shapes and sizes. So, as time passes the sharpens of the bit too decreases and to throw it is not the good option. For this, you need to buy the new drill sharpener bits which can save you from losing the things. It helps you in sharpening the things in the best possible way so that you use the tool as before and it can work as efficiently as it is before becoming blunt.

Budget Friendly

It is seen that when it comes to the drill bit sharpener, many people don’t go for this by thinking this will be highly costly. But there are many drill bits whose sharpeners are available at budget-friendly cost. It is always advisable that you should not throw the blunt tools rather go for the sharpening of these tools. This is because it will help you in saving the money for you. When you go for buying brand new bit tools, then it will cost you more than this. So, it is better that you should go for the drill bit sharpener rather than going for new bit tool.

Helps in Sharpening the Blunt Bits Easily

If you are using the drill regularly, then it is seen that it usually required to sharpen the drill bits. This is because it uses pieces of stone, beaches and also table top. For this reason, it required a lot of training as well as experience in this matter to sharpen the drill bits which is done by using the tool in the form of the bit sharpener. So, if you have got a blunt bit tool, then you can go for the bit sharpener for this.


This comes with drill bit sharpeners, and these things are seen to be not only restricted to the sharpening of the drill bits only. You can use them in other things also which means you can use it to sharpen the knives, chisels, platers and other things which require some sharp edges. This is also very cost-effective, and it is multifunctional too.

So, this is the benefits that you can get from them if you go for the drill bit sharpener.

Different Types Of Drill Bits

Drill bits are the things that help you in drilling the satisfactory hole in any type of material. It is seen that there are many times where you need some kind of drill. They also help you in drilling for the shelf, hanging of things or even building the cabinet. When you go for the good drill bits, it is seen that they are very expensive and you need to maintain them in good form also.

But when you are going to for the drill bits, you must know that there are different types of drill bits that are available in the market. So, you need to make sure that the drill bit that you bring for your work can be used in a good way for your work. To make it simple for you and easy to choose between the number of drill bits, here is the detailed information about the type of drill bits.

1. Twist Bits

This kind of drilling bits is said to be one of the most common drilling tools that can be used in hand or even electric drill. When it comes to the front edges, it helps you to cut the material as well as spirals that exist along the length which remove the debris from the hole. Twist bits can be used on metal, plastics, timber, and other materials. The design of the drill bits is such that they work efficiently on small holes.

2. Masonry Bit

This bit can be used for drilling into the block, stone, concrete, brick and quarry tiles. The tip of the cutting is made from tungsten carbide which is bonded to the spiraled steel shaft. This kind of drills are usually used in the power drill, and it can also be used in the hand brace. When it comes to the masonry bits, it can be used with the hammer action power drill, but while using this, you should always need to take some precautions relating to the rotational speed.

3. Bullet Pilot Point

This drill bit has got a central point, and with two spurs, bullet drills can resemble with spur point bits. They can be used in metal, plastics, and wood. The bit is twisted, and due to this it makes the bit more accurate and causes little damage to the place.

4. Spur Point bit

This bit is also known as the wood or dowel bit. It has got the central point along with two raised spurs that help it to keep the bit drilling straight. This kind of bit helps in cutting the timber very fast, and they leave a clean sided hole. They are ideal for the drilling holes with dowels as the sides of the holes that are clean and parallel.

5. Tile Bit

This bit is mainly used for the drilling ceramic tiles as well as for glass. This is like a ground tungsten carbide tip, and it can be used with the help of hand drill. But when you go for using them, you must go for the variable speed power drill.

6. Flat Wood Bit

This drill is said to be used for the center point locations only. The bits are mainly used to drill the large holes and to give a flat bottomed hole which is seen to be ideal for the head of the screw needs to be recessed into the timber, and this uses the bit for drilling the clearance hole of the bolt.

7. Hole saw

This is used for cutting large, fixed and diameter holes in any kind of wood or even plastic. With the help of this drill, it can cut to the depth of about 18mm deeper versions. This bit can be used in the best way in power drill at a very low speed, and the blade saw it via the material as well.

8. Wood Auger Bit

This bit is said to help in drilling the large diameter and deep holes in wood or even in thick man-made boards. This bit can only be used in the hand brace only, and it will go for clean and deep, flat bottomed holes. This threaded Centre bites into the wood, and it pulls the bit into the timber, and if you are thinking about to use the bit in the power drill, then it is very unstable in it.

So, these are the top 8 types of bits that you can avail from the market for the drilling purpose. But when you go for using these bits, it is seen that they lose the sharpness in them. As a result, you go for the drill bit sharpener.

What is the Need for Drill Bit Sharpeners?

If you are wondering about the need for bit sharpener and how they can help you, then you must go through it. It is seen that many people consider it as not so important thing and keeps on their point that they don’t want the sharpeners for their drill bits.

But in reality, it is seen that this drill bit sharpener is very different and it is very useful for the genuine purpose. This is because, when you use the drill regularly, the sharpness of the drill gets lost. So, when this happens, it is seen that many people think about buying the new drill bit but little that they release that it will cost them more.

If you too want to save the money and wants to bring back the original sharpness in the drill bit, then you need to go for the drill bit sharpeners. Apart from that all the advantages that it gives to you, it is also seen that this instrument cost will be less than that of new drill bits.

This is possible as when you buy this, this is one type of investment plan and later you keep on sharpening the bit that you use in the drilling of various things and other purposes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Drill Bit Sharpener

If you are planning to go to buy the drill bit sharpener for yourself, then you should know the details. This kind of details is said to be very important as it is very easy to realize that this kind of tools means a lot. So, when you are going to buy the drill bit sharpener for yourself, then you need to see the following things that are mentioned below.

1. Size of the Sharpener

The first thing that you need to check while going to buy the drill bit sharpener is about its actual size of the sharpener. You need to know whether the size that is present in it will fit in the workspace or not. The size varies from handheld to large and industrial sized. The most commonly available size of the drill bit is from 1/16 inch to ¼ inch. So, when you are going for this, you need to make sure that it is of good quality and worth investing too.

2. Construction

When it comes to the construction of the drill bit sharpener, it is seen that it defines with the comfort level of sharpening. You also need to determine the safety factor too. The construction of the drill bit sharpener must be such that it won’t pose any kind of risks to you and eliminate all the risks. Apart from that all, the construction of all things also determine the compactness and also ease of storing.

3. The Material Used in Sharpener

It is seen that it considered both the material of the bit and the material of this sharpening wheel. In most of the standard wheels, it is seen that it can tackle the basic bits which are made of high-speed steel or cobalt. The bits are seen to be used to drill into the softwoods, steels and also plastics.
If you have got the carbide bit, then the standard sharpening wheel probably is not going to cut it. This is said to be the hardest drill bit, and it is also brittle, and it is not like a regular wheel. At the minimum level, you need to have a grit of 100 or more, and you need to keep in mind about that in number with abrasive.

4. Speed and Accuracy of the Sharpener

It is seen that the speed and accuracy of the sharpener plays an important role in this. You need to check the speed as well as the accuracy of the sharpener before you buy it. The speed of the sharpener needs to be consistent, and it also tends to slow down as the time passes and it started to generate the heat as well. It is seen that it needs about two steps for the sharpening, but if you go for the three steps, then it will produce the quality result for you. You must also check the angle as it is crucial when it comes to the sharpening for accuracy as well as quality sharpening.

5. Versatility

When it comes to the versatility of the machine, it means that it can work efficiently and easily with the basic home drill as most of the sharpeners usually do. It is seen that it tends to use one drill which includes milling machine or even the wide range of bits which helps in sharpening the bits.

So, when you need versatile things, then you can go for the pretty high tech options, and it takes a lot of different tools which required sharpening. If you need a different kind of tools which required sharpening, then it might be best for investing in the versatile machine.

So, when you are going to buy the drill bit sharpener, you need to look at these top 5 things. If you take care of these things, then you can get the best at an affordable rate.


When it comes to the drill sharpener, it is seen that every craftsman have this. This is due to the extreme use of drill bits in the drilling methods. So, when things are used extensively, they get blunt and sharpens as well as efficiency decreases. To make them like before and to make them sharp, you need to use drill bit sharpener.

If you have got any type of doubts regarding the drill bit sharpener as well as other things related to this, then you can go for the above things. All the things are mentioned in a detailed manner for you and can help you to get the best drill bit sharpener.