9 of the Best Jobsite Radios to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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On a construction sites, it’s really hard to hear your radio due to the high noise (in the construction site) and low-quality audio devices that are used in the construction site. But, in recent years, many manufacturers have realised they need to produce durable outdoor radios which can be heard over a wide area. In this article, you can get a clear idea about which radios are the best models for you and we review them in a detailed manner.

In the market, there is some outdoor worksite radios available for you at different prices. We have reviewed a range of models to suit all budgets.

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The Best Jobsite Radio of 2021

If you are wondering about which radio to go for, then here is the complete list of Jobsite radio with reviews for you.

1. Dewalt DCR018 Compact Worksite Radio

This radio is good and affordable. It has got many features like providing support for quality playback and reception with AUX cable device and Bluetooth connectivity. This is also waterproof and is durable. The radio is specially made for heavy-duty purposes and can withstand dust, dirt and other things to damage it.

This device has also got the option for the battery, but the battery version is available for the 20V radio only. The customers who all have bought this on Amazon are very happy and rated it with good points. This is because this radio gives you high-quality audio as well as radio reception. The radio comes with the storage facility for devices and has got a long battery life and an AUX cable connection facility.


  • It comes with high audio quality.
  • It provides storage for devices.
  • It comes with long battery life.


  • Battery and Charger are sold separately.
  • It doesn’t have Bluetooth connection.

2. Bosch PB360S Construction Site Radio

The quality of the sound is very good, and it does not get affected by the noise of the workplace as well. The radio comes with a variety of connectivity options, and it is also very durable. But the main problem about this device is it is heavy, and it comes with the roll cage whose main work is to protect the radio from falls and increases its durability as well.

This radio comes with the built-in charger, and it has got a reliable battery life. This radio has got many advanced features for you so the price tag for this is also high and you need to pay more for this radio compared to other radios. The Bosch PB360S has got top ratings on Amazon from its customers. The radio is popular for construction sites as it gives a top-quality sound with loud and powerful bass. It is extremely durable and also has got the built-in charger with Bluetooth connection for the device.


  • The radio has got 4 speakers with good sub woofer.
  • It has come with 360 degree stereo sound.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • It has got a digital tuner
  • It has got 4-way power outlets.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty.
  • It provides good quality sound.
  • It is powerful and loud.
  • It comes with subwoofer.


  • It is very heavy.
  • It doesn’t have batteries.

3. Makita XRM04B Cordless Bluetooth Radio

When going for this radio, it is seen that it provides you with an impressive balance which exists between high-quality sound and also with top-end features like AUX cable and input with AM/FM settings along with LED screen to display about the information about the playlist. The radio too has got some protective bumpers to ensure durability as well as including an alarm clock (for knockoff reminders).

The radio is also a cordless device, but the battery takes time to charge it. The device is very much popular among outdoor workers as it gives out high-quality sound with many high-end features that come in this. The device has got a very strong design, as a result it will not get damaged easily. Amazon customers are happy as it provides bluetooth connectivity and it is available at an affordable rate.


  • It runs on 18V LXT Lithium-ion 5.0 Ah or even 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah batteries.
  • It has got the capability to run up to 20 hours.
  • It has a connectivity option of Bluetooth, USB port and Aux inputs.
  • It is water as well as dust resistant.
  • It comes with 3 years of warranty.
  • It provides you with high-end features.
  • It has got a strong design.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connection.


  • It doesn’t have batteries.
  • Don’t have equalization for sound.
  • It is not so loud.

4. Sangean LB-100 Compact Jobsite Radio

The design of the radio is great as helps in preventing damage from rain, dust as well as being heat resistant, which makes it a solid choice for the noisy background worksites. It is also seen that volume limits are very much higher than the other radios we compared.

But the main problem about why most of the customer don’t prefer this is due to the exclusion of AUX cable input and Bluetooth setting. But if you are searching for the simple and budget-friendly outdoor radio, then you can go for this at a very affordable rate.


  • The radio is dust as well as weather resistant.
  • It is made of rugged material.
  • It comes with AM/FM radio.
  • It got Four C batteries with AC power options.
  • It provides you with 6 equalizers with Bass Boost.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty.
  • It is small and compact.
  • It is reliable.
  • It has a long power cord.


  • No Aux input.
  • No Bluetooth or USB port for charging.
  • No clock.

5. Dewalt DC012 Worksite Radio

The device is expensive but is equipped with some best features for you. The radio offers you with both AM/FM radio functionality, and it comes included with the charger and DEWALT 7.2V, 12V to 18V battery packs. with the best kind of exterior and durable structures that proves you with the effective wear and tear, and it has got more extreme of workplace environments.

The device is expensive but is equipped with some best features for you. The radio offers you with both AM/FM radio functionality, and it comes included with the charger and DEWALT 7.2V to 18V battery packs. Clever design with durable bars to protect the radio from wear and tear in the most extreme of workplace environments.

The reliability of this is very rugged and gives you some good sound output for the noisy workplace. The settings that are used for the treble and bass is said to be a little bit high, but the price that you will pay for it is still fair considering its great features.


  • It has got a 12V to 18V DEWALT batteries for you.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • It has got dual bass ports.
  • It comes with auxiliary port.
  • It comes with cord option.
  • It comes with 3-year warranty and 1 year of service.
  • It works with other Dewalt batteries.
  • It charges its battery in just 1 hour.
  • It is waterproof.


  • No Bluetooth or USB port in it.
  • It is expensive (but fair).

6. Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

The product is very simple, and it is effective and comes with the two high-quality speakers. It comes with some clear reception and playback feature. It has got many independent basses as well as treble options which comes in the audio quality. If you are wondering about the price tag of this beautiful radio, then it has got a good attractive price tag.

The function that you can get in it said to provide you with a high level of satisfaction and comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can also get an AC adapter with this device that comes with it.


  • This radio comes to you with the function of AM and FM.
  • The radio has got a connectivity function and you can go for AUX or even bluetooth connection.
  • This runs on 20V Max Lithium-ion batteries.
  • The radio comes with cord.
  • It comes with dual connectivity.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It provides rich stereo sound.


  • Not very loud.
  • Distorts speakers when play in loud.

7. Sangean TB-100 Toughbox Jobsite Radio

This military-style radio is very much durable, and it is also weather resistant. The device is reliable as well as durable for outdoor and indoor workplaces with best impact-resistant external; shell which suits any construction, building or outdoor worksites well!

This comes with the best connectivity feature which allows you to the AUX cable connection to iPod, iPhone or with any other portable device. The device has got a long battery life, and it can last a long time between charges.


  • The radio is water-resistant along with dust and shock resistance.
  • It has got a durable ABS construction.
  • It usually runs on rechargeable and regular batteries.
  • It has got the option for the Aux-In.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty on device.
  • It comes with solid construction.
  • It is small and compact.


  • No USB charging port and Bluetooth.
  • Lack of adjustment in tone.

8. Milwaukee M12 Jobsite Radio

The radio provides you with best AM/FM radio broadcasts, and it comes with the best satisfactory sound quality with brightly colored Milwaukee M12. The batteries that are included in this device are seen to be working very well, and it features with the dock for the iPods and phones.

If you are searching for a quality and good product, then you can go for this at a very affordable rate. You can get it with the best features.


  • The radio is shock resistant as well as weather resistant.
  • The radio has got a battery option of M12 Lithium-ion battery pack.
  • It comes with AC adaptor.
  • It got AM, FM or Aux-in feature too.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty.
  • It is compact and rugged.
  • It provides large sound.


  • No Bluetooth connection.
  • No USB port.

Ryobi P742 ONE+ Compact Cordless Radio

The radio has got the in-built Bluetooth streaming feature which secures the cables and AUX for all the connecting devices which are effective for use it as a portable speaker for the device. This AM/FM feature has added the bonus to the fairly average functioning speaker.

The battery life of the device is said to last up to 6 hours for the Bluetooth streaming and about 2 hours for radio. Amazon customers who all have purchased this radio, are not impressed with it. I probably wouldn’t buy it. This is because the loudness of the radio is not how it should be in nature. But it is your choice and you need to be informed.


  • The radio comes with the Bluetooth option for you.
  • It has got the option for AM/FM radio.
  • The radio too gives you AUX input and USB port input for you.
  • It is powered by the 18Volt One+ Lithium ion or even Ni-Cd battery.
  • It got the low battery indicator to show you about the battery left for your radio.
  • It comes with 3-year warranty.
  • It is a cordless radio.
  • It is affordable
  • It is very compact


  • Quality of sound is not good.
  • Charger not included.

So, here is the list of the Top 9 Best Jobsite Radios that you can use in your workplace. If you want an outdoor radio but don’t know about the features and their sound quality, then you can go for these at a very affordable rate. Above is the complete list of top radios for you and you can get all the information about the features of the radio, along with the customer reviews. You can preview the list and read the Amazon reviews before buying the radio for your worksite.

Jobsite Radio Buying Guide

Before you go and buy a radio, you need to see some of the factors. These factors are said to play an important role. Here is the list of things that you need to consider before you buy.

Battery Life

Battery life plays an important role in radios. This is because on construction site, many types of machines are connected with the electric supply you may not be able to use power where you are. You may prefer a radio with the rechargeable battery. So, before buying the radio, you need to check the life of the battery and how much time it can play continuously with just a single full charge. This will ensure that you get the best radio for your worksite.

Power outlets

This is very much important in a sense as if the battery runs out so that you can connect it with a power outlet to keep it running for rest of the day and can enjoy the music till the work ends.

Aux-In options

When it comes to the devices, it is seen that the connectivity of the device is important. This ensures that all the device connects with its radio. And this is only possible if the device has got the auxiliary option or even a Bluetooth connection. This is because with this you can connect all the devices with your saved playlist, such as mobile phones to iPods / IPADs via Bluetooth or aux and can listen to your favorite songs in a usual manner.


As the construction zone has got many types of things like dust particles, water, waste materials, and the radio needs to be strong, hardy and ideally waterproof. So, to make it stronger, the radio may be shockproof and come fitted with a cage. Durability means it will last beyond the warranty period.

Quality of sound

This is the main role of the outdoor radio, pumping out quality sound. It is seen that in many outdoor workplaces, you hear work-related sounds from machinery. It is usually difficult to hear other sounds, like a radio. This is because there are many radios which provide loud sound to you, but you can’t always get the best quality of sound. Read the reviews to check this.

Compatible of devices

You need to make sure that the radio that you have bought is compatible with all the devicesd you have onsite. Workers may not want to listen to the radio rather they play other songs which must be played via aux or bluetooth from other devices. So, it is important that this radio must support all other devices as well.


Cost is usually related to the number of features of the radio.

Advantages of Outdoor Worksite Radio

When it comes to the worksite radio, it is similar to that of normal radio, except it needs to be hardy and durable to be able to be used outside.

Way of use

An outdoor radio helps you pass the time while working and make your job more enjoyable. Apart from this all, it also makes the mood of the workers stress-free and the efficiency of the work and condition of working also improves too. These kinds of radios are also available with cords (and cordless versions). This comes with the satellite receivers along with the charging stations and other abilities.

In-built storage compartments

The radio that is present in the worksite has got an inbuilt compartment. In this compartment, you can charge your radio and provide safety to your device.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Worksite Radio

In this world, nothing is perfect, and everything has got some negative effects to it. The disadvantages that you can get from this are mentioned below.

  •  The Radio devices come with a digital display screen. But as it is placed in extreme conditions in which a lot of dust and other materials fly by, and it can become very tough to read the digital display screen as well.
  •  The radio devices are seen to have got many ports facility. This is given to support the AUX, and you can play your favorite songs and music via this port from your mobile phone or iPod or any other devices. But in maximum radios, it is seen that placement of these ports are in the back and may become hard to access.
  •  The areas that are present around the ports are seen to be not insulated properly and are vulnerable to external factors. This leads to that these ports are not protective and it may affect by weather and other dust particles as well.
  •  Most of the radios are seen to be running on battery power. For this, you need to recharge the battery that comes with the device, and for that, you need to keep the battery in charging mode for long hours. After that even after that, when you run the radio on this battery, it does not go for the whole day, and it gets low after playing for some hours.
  •  Most of the radio are heavy. So, when you go from one place to another in the worksite, then you can need to carry them with you too. So, it is difficult sometimes to carry them with you to every place that you go for work as you are already carrying other tools and equipment with you.


If you are in search of best outdoor radios for the worksite, then in this article you can get all the details. Apart from that all, you can also get an idea about their advantages and disadvantages and what to check before going to buy the best radios for you. You can get all the information in a single place and can get a clear picture about which job site radio to buy and which will be best for you in your budget.

Best Jobsite Radio 2021
  • Dewalt DCR018 Compact Worksite Radio
  • Bosch PB360S Construction Site Radio
  • Makita XRM04B Cordless Bluetooth Radio
  • Sangean LB-100 Compact Jobsite Radio
  • Dewalt DC012 Worksite Radio
  • Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth Jobsite Radio
  • Sangean TB-100 Toughbox Jobsite Radio
  • Milwaukee M12 Jobsite Radio
  • Ryobi P742 ONE+ Compact Cordless Radio


Looking for the best jobsite radio? Find one that fits your budget and needs with our detailed jobsite radio reviews and comparison.