How to Drill Straight Without A Drill Press?

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drill press is used to drill straight holes in a surface. It is commonly used for metalwork, woodwork, and construction. Drill press can be an expensive apparatus. As a result, many people do not prefer buying it for any small do-it-yourself projects. Professional drill press users swear by certain methods that work great to get neat holes sans using the actual machine. Read on to find out how you can drill straight without a drill press.

Using A Screw to Drill Through Your Object.

The easiest technique used by many workmen for drilling straight is by using a screw to get the work done. Take a screw and place it (tip first) on the surface. Use a hammer to thrust it inside the surface to create a hole. Remove the screw to find a neat hole formed on the surface. The same can be achieved with a screwdriver and a hammer, if you do not have any screws.

Drill Using a Brace and Bit Drill.

Carpenters and woodworkers often trust their brace and bit to drill holes without a press. The brace is a curved instrument with a chuck on one side. Secure the bit in this clamp (chuck) and rotate the brace anticlockwise to transcend through the surface to form the hole.

Using A CD and A Hand Drill Motor.

With a pencil, mark the spot where you wish to make a pilot hole. Ensure the point is in the middle of the centre hole of the CD when it is placed. Attach the bit to the hand drill and place it on the mark. Drill through the object, and you’ve got yourself a neat hole.

Exercise the L-Wood Technique to Cast the Hole (90° Holes).

Take two pieces of wooden blocks and join them perpendicularly with glue, forming an L shape. Mark the point that needs to be drilled and place the L-shaped wood in such a way that the point is near the intersection of the L-shape. This will ensure that you drill straight without losing control over your drill.

Working With a Hand Operated Drill and Creating Straight Holes.

A hand operated drill offers a crank. This crank, when rotated, creates a mechanism that moves the bit and the chuck. Mark the position of the pilot hole with the help of a pencil or a marker. Place the bit on the point on the object and drill through it.

A Nail And A Drill, Too, Prove To Be A Better Way Of Drilling.

If you do not have access to a drill bit, there is a better way of doing it using a nail. Use a marker or a pencil to make a dark point on the surface. Secure a nail in your drill chuck. Drill through the surface using the nail and the drill.

Melting Plastic With A Copper Tubing to Form A Hole.

The best technique used by construction workers when making holes in a plastic surface is melting it. For this, help yourself with a bit of copper tubing. Heat it and place it on the point where you want your hole to be. The heat melts the plastic and automatically drills a straight hole.

Screw And A File to Get You the Desired Outcome.

One of the easiest ways to drill straight is by using a screw, a file and a screwdriver. Take the file and alter the tip of the screw, giving it a V-shaped notch. Subsequently, drive the screw inside the object with a screwdriver. On removal of the screw, you will find a straight drilled hole without using a drill press.

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Drill Straight Without Using Any Type Of Drill At All.

This process requires control and precision, though the results are astounding. On a piece of wood, draw a point on both of its sides in such a way that they are exactly parallel. Use the chuck and the bit to drill through one side of the wood, by manually twisting it around. Stop when you are halfway through the hole. Turn the piece of wood around and repeat the same procedure. You will then have drilled a neat hole once you’re done.