How To Use A Screwdriver Set

Last Updated on June 2, 2021 by James

If you are someone who works with power tools very often, then a screwdriver set should be a must-have item in it. If you already browsed through the best screwdriver sets in the market at present, then you have already done the most important task. In this article we will guide you on how to use a screwdriver set in the right and proper way.

The first most criteria is to know how to choose the right screwdriver or else you might damage the screw and it will eventually become impossible for you to screw or unscrew. Here is what you need to keep in mind: always make sure you use a Phillips screwdriver for Phillips-head screws and in case of slot head screwdrivers go for slot screws. A lot of people make the mistake of going for a flat head in case they do not get a Phillips screwdriver. You should not be doing that!

How To Use A Screwdriver Set

1. Make A Pilot Hole

If you are planning to drive screws through wood, it is better to drill a pilot hole. If you do not make a pilot hole, the screw will tend to take out wood grains but in drilling a pilot hole, the screw will go straight. This also prevents the wood from breaking out. If you are screwing through hardwood, make use of a boring tool, but in case of softwood make use of a punch hole.

2. Screw It!

Put the screw on the tip of the driver and then use your fingers to put the screw and the tip together in place. Use some amount of pressure on the screwdriver. Now rotate the screw in clockwise until the screw is fitted in the wood.

3. Drive The Screw

Once the thread of the screw makes contact with the wood, move the fingers that have kept the screw in position all this while. Now use the fingers to line up the tip and the screw. Ensure that you apply enough pressure so that the screwdriver does not slip from the point.

4. Tip Size

If you are using wrenches and sockets, the best socket set for you would be the one which will fit into it. The same thing applies for screwdrivers. You will need the tip to fill in the screw slot which you will be either driving or removing. If the tip is narrow do not use it as it will leverage the loss when you drive into it. Moreover you have to put in extra effort to drive it.

If you are putting in extra pressure, you might as well end up damaging the tip of the screwdriver. Also do not use a tip if it is too wide either as it could lead to damage on the surface on the screw.

How To Make The Drive Easy

If you are driving in a screw it can at times be a little difficult if the tip of the screw is rusty or not of the ideal size. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Use soap over the screw threads and it will make the driving easy for you. This is more applicable on hardwood screws.
  • Make use of an adjustable wrench if you need more leverage. If the screw is difficult to drive, the adjustable wrench will be able to drive it properly.
  • You can also make use of a screw holder if it gets difficult for you to reach a certain spot. If it gets really difficult, take the screw holder out. All you need to do it put the screw holder on the end of the screwdriver and its jaw will keep the screw in position when you are driving with it.
  • Make use of a short shank screwdriver in case you need more grip and also put the pressure downwards at the top of your hand.

Tips On How To Maintain Screwdrivers

Ideally, screwdrivers do not require too much of maintenance, but keep the following tips in mind if you want it to last for a longer time:

  • A screwdriver is meant to drive or remove screws. Do not go on to use as a putty knife, or for opening cans or as a wood chisel. In doing so you will be damage the tip of the screwdriver and also hamper its ability to drive.
  • Ensure that the tip of the screwdriver is square shaped before you start using it. No matter how good your screwdriver be, if you do not maintain it well the tip could become rounded or chipped after a while.
  • If the tip of the screwdriver is chipped, it could slip and you could hurt your hands. So make sure to repair the surface in case it is chipped with the help of a bench grinder. However do not overheat the tip.
  • Always keep your screwdrivers in a cool and dry place so that you do not end up damaging them. It also helps to keep them in good shape.


No matter how many power tools you might have in your tool set, without a screwdriver set the chest will be incomplete. No matter how expensive or good quality brand your screwdriver set might be, if you do not know how to use it well and maintain it well it won’t be of much help to you. We are hoping this guide will be helpful to you and make you understand how to use a screwdriver set. If you have further queries, drop in a line in the comment section below.