How to Fix a Sagging Door – Complete Step by Step Guide

Last Updated on May 19, 2021 by James

Sagging of door can create a nuisance, sticking stubbornly to the doorjamb as it gives you trouble while opening or closing the door. Moreover, if you want to leave your sagging door open, it may create problems like the door swings shut on its own and much more.

Apart from all these things a Sagging door may also affect the look of your home. Well, we have a solution for the problems like sagging door. Also, you must examine your sagging door, and give a try to some tricks to fix it, which undoubtedly saves you time, work as well as frustration.

How To Fix a Sagging Door?

Here we have mentioned a step by step guide to fix a sagging door on your own. You can use the below-mentioned tricks to fix a sagging door.


  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer & Glue
  • Paper & Cedar Shims
  • Chisel
  • Long Screws

Method 1: Inspecting the Door, Hinges, and Frame

Step 1. Find the sagging door’s Cause

Examine the door from inside, or the side from where you can see the hinges. Locate the gaps and where the door is tight.

Step 2. Look whether the door & frame are levels

You can use the carpenter’s glue and bubble level to determine the level of the door and frame.

All you have to do is hold the bubble level against the door corners left and right sides and top, and then check whether the bubble settles between the viewer’s two lines.

Step 3. Check all the Hinge Screws are Tighten Well

Inspect that all the hinges, as well as screws, are tightly embedded in the door as well as the jamb. You can use a screwdriver, to tighten up all the screws.

Note: Please make sure that you don’t use drill machine to tighten the screws. Also, keep in mind that you don’t get over tighten the screws.

Method 2: Replacing & Adjusting Hardware

Step 1. Fill the stripped Holes

If you find holes than quickly place a doorstop under the open the door to hold the temporary drop of the weight.

Remove the hinge by removing the screws and fill the stripped hole with the carpenter’s glue by inserting it into the hole. You can also find these holes at any large hardware store.

Step 2. Replace the Shorter Screws

Once the applied glue is dried, you can now replace the shorter hinge screws with the longer ones. Just because your door can still sag, that’s why we have recommended you to use longer hinge screws.

Remove all the old screws and pre-drill into the jamb and wall stud before replacing it with the longer one.

Step 3. Add Shims between the Hinge & Door Jamb

Make shims with cardboard, wood or playing cards to fit between the hinge and jamb and help align the hinge and door.

Note: Try to use the thinnest materials possible so that you can add layers to the hinge mortise one at a moment until your door is level again.

Step 4. Mortise the Door Hinge

You can mortise the hinge by outlining your hinge before removing it. After that, you can take off the hinge and carve out a deeper new pocket with a chisel.

Method 3: Sanding the Door

Step 1. Scribe the Door

If you have tried all the methods and you’re still not satisfied with your door then you must first scribe the door. Scribing offers you the line at which you stop removing wood by planing or sanding.

Step 2. Remove your door and Sand the Edges

Pop the hinge pins and carefully remove the door. Once you remove the door take it to the ope area and lay down on a level surface.

Using belt sander, you can sand or plane the scribed edge of the door. Keep the sander moving back and forth so that you don’t wear a hole in one spot.

Step 3. Repaint the Sanded Edge

Once you finally examine that the door has been appropriately planned, make sure to refinish and repaint the raw edge. Use varnish as it can prevent moisture from penetrating the wood and thus fix a sag in the future.

Note: If you think that you don’t have finish the sanding process don’t refinish or repaint the door.

The Conclusion

Fixing a sagging door is quite a hectic task which includes removing of frame, sand or plane, and then refinish as well as repaint it. Well, here we have mentioned some best tricks and methods which will help you to fix the sagging door within no time. Is the guide to fix sagging door helpful? If you have any queries related to sagging door, then do enlighten them in the comment section. Share your experience with us!