How To Cut Cast Iron Pipe When Tackling Do It Yourself Plumbing

Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by James

Are you wandering for the ways to cut cast iron pipes? Basically, Cast Iron Pipes were used before the invention of PVC pipe and is mainly the first choice for the main stacks, and the waste drains.

Moreover, the majority of the houses still have these cast iron pipes, and most of you want to replace it now if you have thought of cutting this strong material that it might seem intimidating at first. However, it’s quite an easy task to cut the cast iron pipe by having a little knowledge about the right tools.

At the end of the guide, you’ll feel the comfortable cutting cast iron pipe for your plumbing project.

How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe?

Here we have mentioned a step by step guide to cut cast iron pipe easily and effortlessly. Make sure you will follow each step carefully.

Method 1: Hacksaw


a) Hacksaw
b) Replacement Blades

Steps to Cut Cast Iron with Hacksaw

1. Those who think that cutting a cast iron with the help of Hacksaw is the cheapest as well as the best method. However, you’re sorely mistaken.

2. Radically, Hacksaw is the cheapest tool for cutting a cast iron. But, apart from this the hardness of the cast iron pipe inevitably require multiple replacement blades.

3. Now, to cut the cast iron with the hacksaw, you have to mark points on the cast iron and then start cutting it.

Note: If you do choose the use to hacksaw, then do remember that hacksaw goes back and forth while you cut the cast iron pipe. You can replace the blades if the vibration continues for the more extended period.

Method 2: Snap Cutter


a) Snap Cutter
b) Replacement Chain

Steps to Cut Cast Iron with Snap Cutter

1. You need to use the chalk to cut the lines on the pipe. Also, make sure the lines which you have marked is straight on the pipe as possible.

2. Now, wrap up the chain of the snap cutter around the pipe as possible. Ensure that there are so many cutting wheels as possible against the pipe.

3. Once you have set the cutting wheels on the cast iron pipe, you have to apply pressure on the handles of the snap cutter. When you apply pressure, the wheels will cut into the iron pipe.

Note: You have to score the pipe several times before you make the final cut. Also, rotate the pipe slightly before you make the final cut on the pipe.

4. Repeat the steps at all the other chalk lines.

Method 3: Using the Reciprocating Saw


a) Reciprocating Saw
b) Replacement Blades
c) Chalk

Steps to Cut Cast Iron Pipe with Reciprocating Saw

1. Fit your saw with the long metal cutting blade. The majority of these blades are made with the carbide grit or diamond grit for cutting through the hard items.

2. You can mark the area with the chalk which you want to cut with the reciprocating saw. Try to make the lines straight as possible.

Note: Hold the pipe firmly in the place so that the final product doesn’t have wrong edges.

3. Set your reciprocating saw at low speed. Go slowly and steadily and let the blade do the work for you. Moreover, you must try to avoid applying the undue pressure on the saw that can cause the blade to snap.


The ways are endless to cut the cast iron pipe. All you have to do is follow the method which suits the best for you. The one which you have to choose mainly depends on the tools available in the market.

Is the above guide for cutting cast iron pipe helpful? You can use any of the methods as mentioned earlier to cut a cast iron pipe. If you have any queries or suggestions related to cutting this brittle material, then do state them in the comment section. We’ll be happy to assist you.