Best Screw Gun to Buy 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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If you are remodelling your home whether it be as a professional or on your own, then you might as well know that laying drywall or any other kind of material can be quite a tedious task and it’s better to have a tool. In this context, you could opt for the best screw gun or a drill. Even though a drill is handier, a screw gun may be easier. In this article, we share with you the 10 best screw guns in the market, along with their important features and benefits to help you decide the best option for yourself.

Best Screw Gun 2021

1. DEWALT DW268 6.5 Amp Screwdriver

Dewalt is that one brand which produces high quality screw guns for different kinds of applications. If you go out in the market looking for a screw gun, they will be referred to as “drywall” gun, which means that they are mostly designed and built for drywalls. If you are looking for a screw gun that can drive through materials such as wood or metal, then the DW268 is the right option for you. The motor to this screw gun is amazing and produces high torque and speed.

The adjustment settings make you go from zero to 2500 rpm within a few seconds, making it ideal for a number of jobs, and not just for drywalls. The gun also comes with an automatic torque adjustment that helps to decrease or increase it depending on your requirements. This way you won’t damage the materials even if they are super soft, or vice versa. The built up is lightweight and is comfortable to use as well. And the fact that it is corded makes it work for longer hours.

Best Features

  • It comes with a powerful motor of 6 amp
  • It is corded
  • It comprises of durable helical cut steel and bearings
  • It comes with automatic torque adjustment
  • It has rubber grip for better handling purpose
  • You can bring in more control with two finger trigger
  • It is lightweight and has an ergonomic design
  • It has reversal switch and multi-speed
  • It can go from zero to 2500 rpm in less than a minute
  • It can work on a number of materials including drywall

2. Makita XSF037 LXT Lithium-Ion Drywall Screwdriver

Screw guns are a readily available option but they can have their limits on your work depending on what is the layout of the setup. Hence if you are looking for versatility then the XSF03Z will be a wonderful option for you. Cordless guns are ideal for doing ceiling work or for reaching out to tight corners, because with cordless guns you need not worry about tripping over power cords.

Moreover, if dying batteries are a concern for you then it is recommended that you get backups that can help you work for hours without delays, while you switch out.

Thus, in the context of cordless guns, the Makita XSF037 is by far the best you will find in the market. The brushless motor delivers enormous torque and can speed up to 4000 RPM. This allows you to work with almost all kinds of materials, as long as you have the required bits and screws.

If you want to save battery life as well, then the best part is that the motor of this cordless screwdriver activates only when you are working with it or when the fastener is secured, so as to help you save energy. With a single charge, the battery can last upto 90 minutes or 1860 screws.

Some of its other striking features are its soft grip handle, a nosepiece that is easily adjustable and a battery charge indicator to signal you when you need to change it.

  • Cordless and battery powered
  • Motor can speed up to 4000 RPM
  • Push drive technology to help you save on battery
  • The motor activates when you push in even when locked
  • Handles are soft grip to reduce fatigue
  • Lightweight in its design
  • Nose piece is adjustable for the required depth
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Can last upto 90 minutes or 1860 screws in a single charge

3. Senco DS332-AC 3” Corded Auto Feed Screwdriver

Most of the screwdrivers have an auto-feed function which allows you to use bands of screws that can feed into it. However, with Senco you will find a fit feed system that prevents any kind of rubber band to get stuck in the system. You can easily fit upto thirty screws on the belt feeder, which will automatically move up as you work with the screw gun.

This helps to increase the productivity level of the machine beyond the usual levels. The only hitch is that when you initially insert the screws there might be a slight trade off but it will be good to go after a while.

This screw gun also allows for adjustment of depth and belt hook with either of your hands and you can slide change make it very easy for you to change the bits whenever the need be.

The motor of this screw gun can speed up to 2500 RPM, which makes this the fastest screw guns in the market at present. It’s high speed allows you to work stronger materials such as metal and wood.

Best Features

  • The motor can speed up to 2500 RPM
  • Proprietary corner fit feed system
  • Adjustable screw length and belt hook
  • Speed trigger comes with lock and reverse
  • The slide change for the bits is easier and a lot faster
  • It can hold upto 30 screws at one time
  • Sleek and compact in its design

4. DEWALT DCF620B MAX XR Drywall ScrewGun

Dewalt is one brand that is renowned for their corded screw guns, but herein we are going to look at the cord-less option for our comparison. Compared to the other screw guns in this list, the DEWALT DCF620B won’t provide you with the same torque or speed as the other options but this screw gun is practically a drywall gun. However it won’t disappoint you in its features and specifications.

The motor in this screw gun is brushless and the steel parts are also durable enough so there is no chance of it breaking down easily. On the front of the machine is the nosepiece which is easy to adjust for its depth and it further comes with a locking mechanism.

This way you will never have an accidental shift while you are working with it. The grip of the handle is soft and ergonomic and it is also lightweight so you won’t get tired easily while working with it. However there is only one issue with it, which is that you have to buy the batteries separately, which will cost you extra.

Best Features

  • Battery operated and cordless
  • Brushless motor is powerful and has high torque
  • The nosepiece is easy to adjust
  • Cone lock prevents any kind of potential or accidental adjustments
  • Lightweight in design making it easy to work with for hours
  • Comes with LED for better visibility

5. Hitachi W6V4SD2 Superdrive Collated Drywall

The Hitachi W6V4SD2 resembles an automatic machine gun at its first look. The nosepiece on the front side is extra long as they include ventilated holes. The extended nosepiece helps to hold collated screw bands. This further allows you to work faster with this screw gun as you feed the band through the system rather than placing each screw on it manually.

If you compare it with the Senco screw gun, it might not be as refined or elegant but it is still a lot better than most single screw guns in the market. The one downside to this screw gun is that if you want to steady the speed you will need two hands for it but over the course of time, you will be able to manage with a single hand as well.

The motor of this screw gun is powerful enough and it can speed upto 4500 RPM. This means that you can easily work with any material you want if you have the right set of bits and screws with you.

Best Features

  • Tool free depth adjustment
  • The power cord is extra long for flexibility
  • Speed setting is adjustable
  • Motor can speed up to 4500 RPM
  • Lightweight handles
  • Trigger lock with reverse mechanism
  • Sides can hold screw feeders for faster work

6. DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill

Aforementioned, if you have the right set of bits you can easily work with a drill in place of a screw gun. In this context, some drills such as the Dewalt DC970K-2 are a combination device that works as a drill as well as a makeshift screw gun. The most striking feature of this drill is its size.

It is one of the most compact and lightweight drill or makeshift screw gun combination that you will find in the market. It is ideally meant for drywall even though you can also work with softer woods or plastic as well.

It is entirely battery operated and you can work with various tight positions without any hassle. The batteries can last up to 1.2 hours on a single charge. Some of its important features include a soft grip handle, a variable speed trigger which comes with locking mechanism and a keyless chuck for quick bit changes.

This makeshift screw gun is ideal for you if you are looking for a compact screw gun that easily reach inside tight spaces and it is a great value for money.

Best Features

  • It is a combination of drill and screw gun
  • The bits are easy to change
  • The unit is battery operated
  • Keyless ratcheting chuck system
  • Lightweight and compact in design
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Can speed up to 1500 RPM
  • Batteries can easily be changed
  • Handles have soft grip to allow you to work for longer hours without fatigue
  • Battery can last up to 1.2 hours

7. DEWALT DW255 6-AMP Drywall Screwdriver

There have been other Dewalt screw guns in this list, but the Dewalt DW255 is by far the most basic and standard unit of the lots. If you are looking for a standard screw gun at an affordable price, with a lot of extra features then this screw gun will be your best bet.

The motor of this screw gun is its best feature. It can speed up to 4000 RPM which makes it ideal for a wide range of jobs, and it is best at laying drywall. The nosepiece on the front side is easy to adjust for the required depth and it also comes with a locking trigger which has reverse setting.

The design is pretty simple and compact and in case you feel you want to drive a lot of screws with it, it is easily possible with this screw gun. It is reliable and durable and you need not worry about how long it will last, even if you use it for longer periods.

Best Features

  • The 6 AMP motor is powerful
  • The nosepiece is easy to adjust and depth sensitive
  • Two finger trigger for better control
  • Lightweight in its design
  • Steel components are durable
  • It can operate up to 4000 RPM
  • Reverse setting and locking trigger
  • Works on square and Phillips screws

#8. Pink Power PP182 18V Pink Drill

A lot of manufacturers try to distinguish power tools made exclusively for women by using the colour pink. Hence, if you are looking at a drill or a drill-driver combination, you will instantly notice this default coloring and the fact that it is made for women.

Although, women and men alike can handle standard screw guns, this screw gun has couple of features that is ideal for smaller hands and for lighter needs. Firstly, this screw gun is meant for smaller and lighter work purpose. Hence, if your work does not require you to use tons of screws or work on a number of materials then this screw gun is the ideal addition to your power tools.

You can easily hang pictures with this screw gun, mount decor items on the wall, or even take out screws that already exists on a surface. The Pink Power PP182 is light in its design and has a low-torque motor which makes it ideal for casual work purpose and also very handy. Some of its other good features include LED lights, a sixteen torque settings so that you can easily customise the motor as per your needs. It also has a magnetic base for you to store the extra bits and screws with ease.

Best Features

  • It works both as a drill and a driver with ease
  • Battery powered cordless screw gun
  • Light weight in design
  • LED light for better visibility
  • Batteries are long lasting
  • Keyless chuck for quicker changes in bit
  • Motor can speed up to 550 RPM
  • Comes with 16 torque settings
  • Magnetic base for storing screws and bits
  • Speed can be adjusted
  • Trigger lock and reverse setting

9. BLACK + DECKER LDX120C MAX Lithium-Ion

If you want something lesser than a powerful Makita XSF and better than a dainty Pink Power Drill, then the Black + Decker LDX120C is the ideal option for you. It is a cordless drill and driver combination which is not meant for heavy duty jobs but it can definitely do a lot more than something performed by Pink Power.

It has a high torque motor and it can speed up to 650 RPM. the chuck of this screw gun is keyless so that you can make quick bit changes and the battery too can last up to an hour after it is fully charged. The batteries are easy to swap out which means that you can work for as long as you want.

The clutch is an eleven position one and it has a variable speed adjustment trigger so you can work with this machine for longer periods of time. If you are looking for a casual cordless screw gun then this drill-driver combination is the ideal one for you.

Best Features

  • Cordless drill which is battery operated
  • High torque motor
  • Batteries can easily be swapped out
  • Handles are soft gripped
  • Eleven position clutch
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Motor can speed up to 650 RPM
  • Bits are easy to change with keyless chuck
  • Trigger lock and reverse button
  • LED light for better visibility
  • Battery can last for an hour

10. WORX WX252L XTD Extended Reach Screwdriver

This screw gun from WORX is the most compact and lightweight one in our list. It is light and sturdy as well, even if not too powerful. One of the main features of this screw gun is its extendable spindle. The extendable spindle can reach up to two inches length which can help you reach tighter spaces very easily. You can also choose to remove it completely in case you want to work with your hands.

The motor can speed up to 230 RPM but there is no variable speed adjustment so one needs to be cautious when they are screwing onto things. It can smoothly work with ¼ inches screw bits and it can also reverse it if the need be. It also comes with LED light for better visibility and versatility. Overall, it is a great screw gun for all kinds of small jobs at home or in the workspace.

Best Features

  • Cordless screw gun which is battery operated
  • The extendable spindle helps to reach to tighter spaces
  • Spindle is removable as well if you want to work with hand
  • Lightweight and compact in design
  • LED light for better visibility
  • Battery can last upto an hour

What Features To Consider Before Buying A Screw Gun?

1. Motor

The most important thing in a screw gun is the motor. The power of the motor speaks for its torque and the kind of speed setting that will be ideal for your usage. This also lets you know if your device will be sturdy enough for the work that you plan to complete and whether it will match your needs or not.

2. Collated Or Single Screw

Some screw guns have the option to feed screws into it as you work with it so that you can be faster and more efficient with your work. If your job requires of you to gather tons of screws then this can turn out to be a lifesaver for you. However, if you do not feel the need for it then a single screw driver is a better option as it can easily be handled and is more compact to use.

3. Corded VS Cordless

Who would want to trip over cords or limit themselves in working within a certain space? This is one reason why cordless units are recommended over corded units as you can port them from one place to another and work for whatever amount of time you want as they mostly run on batteries. If your job requires you to work overtime or requires you to get inside tight space then we would suggest cordless screw guns over corded ones.

Otherwise, a corded screw gun is also a good option as you do not have to go through the process of purchasing batteries time and over again. Moreover, the torque and speed is more with a corded screw gun.


We hope this list has been helpful for you and it has helped you pick the best screw gun ideal for your work. One needs to be extra cautious with the techniques and specifications before you decide to use a screw gun. Three very important things to keep in mind are torque, speed check, and screw setting. The first few times of use could be tedious for you but once you have your hands down on it with regular usage, it will come in smooth for you to use a screw gun.